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cause the stupid terriosts blew up the ship cause they felt like it

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How did spanish rule affect native Americans?

The spanish rule affected native americans by:1) slavery2) murder3) destroyed cultures

What was the name of the right granted by the Spanish government to turn Native Americans into slaves was called?

What was the name of the right granted by the Spanish government to turn Native Americans into slaves was called?

What does perciben in spanish mean?

Translation: They perceive

How did the government try to change the Native Americans?

The Spanish government changed the Indians by converting them to the Cathlic faith.

Who were the Mayan codices destroyed by?

They were destroyed by the Spanish!

Which civilizations were destroyed by the Spanish?

they destroyed the Aztec and the Inca.

What were the Mayan codices destroyed by?

The Mayan codices were destroyed by the Spanish.

How do you say destroyed in Spanish?

"Destroy" in Spanish is "Destruido".

This right granted by the spanish government to the conquistadors turned native Americans into slaves?

No, in fact the Indian laws protected the native Americans from slavery and abuses.

Signifigance of spanish American war?

The Spanish Armada was completley destroyed and the Americans asserted dominance with their metal ships, destroying the Spanish Armada in one battle. Only one American died. and it was from a heart attack, not enemy fire.

Who destroyed the Aztecs?

The Spanish Destroyed The Aztec... Cortes Was The Leader and the army

How was tenochtitlan destroyed?

im pretty sure that Tenochtitlan was destroyed by the Spanish.

How did the Spanish lose the war to the Americans?

the Americans won the Spanish because they have cooler guns and the Spanish don't

What are the important contributions of Spanish colonization in Philippine politics and government?

the most important contribution of the americans in the philippines was education..

How was the Inca empire destroyed?

The Inca empire was destroyed by the Spanish. They invaded because they wanted the Incas goods. To the Incas the Spanish were simply invaders.

What percent of Americans speak spanish?

as of 2011, about 8% of Americans speak spanish fluently.

What did the Spanish explorers do when they found out about the wealth of the Incas?

They destroyed the Inca Empire. When the Spanish explorers discovered the vast wealth of the Incas they destroyed the Incan empire.

Do many Americans speak spanish in the US?

Yep, many Americans know to speak Spanish.

What did the Spanish do to the captured native Americans?

Sometimes the Spanish made captured native Americans into slaves

How did the Americans defeat the Spanish in the Spanish-American War?

It began with the Naval victory at Manila Bay which destroyed the Spanish Fleet stationed there and effectively isolated the Philippines. They then invaded Cuba and established their forward operating base at Guantanamo Bay and they blockaded the Spanish Caribbean Fleet at Santiago. When the San Juan Hills were taken, the Spanish Squadron was forced to make a run for the open seas. It was destroyed. The Spanish Home Fleet was required to stay in port in Europe to protect the homeland. The War was effectively over.

How did Americans feel about the results of the Spanish-American war?

American's thought that it was unnecessary because of the fact that the Bond Warship and the Maine was destroyed in terms for the Cubans. Terms of which were undependable.

How was the Aztec civiization destroyed?

the Aztec civilization was destroyed by a spanish conquest lead by hernan Cortes

Can Americans be half-Spanish?

They can even be 100% Spanish if they want to.

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