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Elvis' drugs were prescription, which is why he didn't think of himself of a drug addict. But the reason I think Elvis Presley did drugs is because he had so much money that he had everything he wanted, and he just wanted to try something new.

I disagree. Elvis was not stupid enough to try something new for something

to do.

In the Army (1958-60). He was given "uppers" or amphetamines by his superiors to stay awake during maneuvers and the Army was responsible for getting

him started on the drugs that eventually killed him.

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Q: What caused Elvis Presley to do drugs?
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Related questions

Was Elvis Presley on drugs?

Yes he was on drugs

How did the drug effect Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley was a slob in his last years, presumably drugs were the cause.

Was Elvis Presley in the bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs?

No, Elvis Presley was never a member of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangers Drugs. He wanted a badge from the bureau when he visited President Nixon.

Why was Elvis Presley in prison?

because he did drugs

How did drugs impact Elvis Presley's songs?

'Drugs' did not impact Elvis Presley's songs. Firstly, Elvis was not a song writer. Secondly, his use of drugs was limited to prescribed medication strictly, and they negatively affected his mood, his health, and to some extent his stage performances.

What made Elvis Presley happy?

The most probably things that made Elvis Presley happy were drugs, singing, alcohol, and women.

Did Elvis Presley do drugs and drink?

No, Elvis did not consume alcohol of any kind or do drugs other than prescription drugs because of health problems

Did Elvis Presley star johnny cash on drugs?


What did Elvis Presley struggle with?

obesity and drugs for sleeplessness

Did Elvis Presley use cocaine?

Yes. He used drugs

What was the cause of Elvis Presley death?

Heart attack. The main factors that caused his death are: * Diet: Elvis was known to eat a lot of "junk food" which is unhealthy. * The use of prescription drugs. Elvis took many types of prescription drugs, and this caused his health to deteriorate. * Obesity: When Elvis died, he was considered obese (obesity increases the risk of a heart attack).

How did Elvis Presley really die?

It is believed that a combination of drugs and a bad heart were what killed Elvis Presley. He passed away at his home on August 16, 1977.

Did Elvis Presley die of constopation?

No, Elvis had taken drugs, they soon caught up to him. He died in his bathroom

What is known to be the cause of Elvis Presley's death?

The known cause of Elvis Presley's death was due to cardiac arrhythmia which in turn was a result of his consistent misuse of the drugs prescribed to him.

Why did Elvis Presley take drugs?

Because he had trouble falling asleep.

'Why did Elvis Presley do drugs'?

because he had trouble falling asleep in his bed.

What was the name of the drugs that killed Elvis Presley?

There were many drugs in this one drug called Cardiac Arrhythmia.

When did Elvis die and why?

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977. He died through ten cocktails of drugs

What caused the cardiac arrhythmia on Elvis Presley?


Did Elvis Presly die on the toilet?

yes Elvis Presley did die on the toilet but the public do not know what caused his death!

What were the names of Elvis Presley's parents?

Elvis Presley's parents were Vernon Elvis Presley & Gladys Presley.

What was Elvis Presley's last name?

Elvis Presley was born as Elvis Aaron Presley.

What drugs was Elvis Presley taking at the time of his death or autopsy?

upperd downers and cocaine

Did Elvis Presley take drugs?

Yes he took sleeping pills in the 60's

How is it possible that Elvis Presley did not realize that he has overweight?

The drugs he took made him feel light :)