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Many people hunted them, some farmers killed them to protect their livestock, and other's were keeping them as pets.

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Q: What caused the barbary serval to become extinct?
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Why did the cape serval become extinct?

Because they were hunted to extinction!

Is the barbary serval a herbivore?

No, the barbary serval eats meat such as small birds, lizards, insects, frogs, rodents, and other small animals.

What is protecting the barbary serval's?

People protect an barbary serval because they are not endanger species they dont all the time only when it find its prey or smell fear.

What helps the Barbary Serval not become extinct?

It might already be. If not, it's because they are located in North Africa, and not many people travel there to hunt exotic animals. So, it's still alive, it's helped by the location it lives in.

Is there any Cape Serval left in South Africa?

No. The Cape Serval is an extinct species.

What does a serval look like?

A Barbary Serval is a domestic cat's size but its fur pelt (which resembles a snow leopards) makes it look larger then it really is.

Why is the Barbary Serval endangered?

no body ;loves them =,[ Farmers kill them for hunting their livestock. Poachers kill them for their skins/pelts and poachers catch them for the pet trade. Civilazation is encroaching on their territory as well.

What is a female Serval called?

A female serval.

Is a serval a mammal?

Yes, a serval is a mammal, it is a cat.

Does a felis serval have vertebrate or an invertebrate?

scientific scientist say that a felis serval which is a latan name for a serval does have a vertebrate

What is a young serval called?

A young serval is called a kitten.

Can a bharal jump higher than a serval?

no a serval can jump higher