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Great GOD did it in the age of Mohammed the last messenger , when some people didn't believe in the message of Mohammed , they asked him if there is God , so Let him split the moon in two, Mohammed SAS asked God to Do it , and God did it , these people didn't believe what they saw ans said that Mohammed made magic to their eyes , but after few days , other people came from other place and said that while they were in the sahara they saw the moon splitting in two .

The foregoing is a faith-based answer. The scientific explanation is that the Moon's craters were caused by meteors, asteroids and comets, while the rilles were caused by lava flows.

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Q: What caused the craters and rilles on the moon?
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Trench like areas on the moon?


What landforms does the moon have that earth doesn't have?

Rilles, ray craters , and highlands

What landforms does the moon have that the earth doesn't have?

A maria , highlands, rilles, and ray craters

Which is associated with young craters?


What cause the Moon's craters?

The craters on the Moon are considered to be impact craters, caused by meteoroids striking the Moon.

Does the moon have holes in it?

Not really. The moon has craters. The craters are caused by objects from space hitting it.

What are the features of the lunar surface?

Ridges, rilles, craters and regoliths

What caused the moon to have many craters?

Meteorites. They hit the moon frequently, causing many craters.

What caused the caters on the moon's surface?

The craters on the Moon are caused by the impacts of meteoroids.

What are cracks in the moon's bedrock called?

They are called "rilles".

How might the moon craters and rilles have formed?

when the earth was spinning really hard. a big chunk of the earth spun off and started to orbit the earth

What caused many craters in the moon?

Since the Moon is cold and has no volcanoes, virtually all the craters there are the results of impacts.