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What causes a car to make white smoke from under the hood?

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white smoke can be either your car overheating, or smoke from an electrical issue

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White smoke under hood?

The white smoke under hood might be as a result of a mechanical problem. The reason may be because the timing belt is rubbing itself under something under the hood.

White smoke from hood?

White smoke from under the cars hood can be leaking oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid. Most of the times it is a gasket went out.

Just emptied oil pan and replaced new oil why is there white smoke?

Be sure that it's really white smoke. White smoke indicates coolant/water. Blue smoke is oil burning. Black is transmission or brake fluids.Next, is the smoke from the hood or the exhaust? If it's under the hood then maybe you spilled some oil on the engine during the refill. Out of the exhaust, hmmm........

Smoke coming from under the hood?

The emanation from smoke from the under the hood should be treated as a possible emergency. The vehicle should immediately pull over to safe area. Smoke causes can range from a minor oil spill on hot engine/exhaust surfaces to major cooling systems and to highest severity engine fires.

White smoke under the middle of vehicle and burnt smell from under the hood?

Sounds like you have a blown headgasket or cracked head. The smoke and smell is likely the oil leaking from your broken engine and burning off.

Can bad spark plugs cause smoking from under the hood of a car?

Not likely. Smoke from under the hood denotes a leak. Either your coolant or oil is leaking. White, thick smoke is oil. Could just be a gasket. Thinner hazy smoke is coolant. Check your hoses. Look for fluids/wet spots. Bad plugs can missfire, and make your exhaust smoke.

Why is car not over heating but whitegray smoke is coming out from under hood?

White or gray smoke coming out from under the hood of a car could be the result of a small water leak spraying water on a hot engine. A running engine is naturally hot enough to create steam when water hits it.

Smoke under the hood?

If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle this indicates a serious problem. Your car is overheating, this could be because of low coolant in the radiator or another problem with the radiator.

Why does a car produce white smoke under the hood when the engines running?

If it is white smoke you probably have something in the electrical system burning. If it is actually steam, your vehicle is overheating. Either way I wouldn't operate the vehicle until I knew what it was and had it corrected.

Why is there A burning smell is coming from under the hood of my mazada mp3 with white smoke?

white smoke = Leaking water (anti-freeze) head gasket, bad water pump... cracked block... p blue smoke = burning oil i would suggest a leaking head gasket

Why does my 93 Camry produces white smoke under the hood after driving on the highway?

Oil leaking onto the hot exhaust will cause white smoke. This may be because oil was spilt whilst topping up or one of your gaskets has blown a leak.

Why does my 1997 Mitsubishi Gallant have white smoke under the hood and green liquid on the parts under the hood?

IT sounds like oil is dripping on the exuast manifold check valve cover gasket. The green liquid is probably antifreeze coming from a water hose.

What is the white tank located in the hood in a 1995 crown Victoria?

And just exactly where is this little white tank under the hood and what is attached to it ?

What causes smoke to appear from under the hood of 1998 Dodge Stratus when turning the steering wheel?

my dodge has the same problem, it is the power steering return hose being cracked or cut.

Why is there white smoke coming out from under that hood and the temperature gauge running hot?

i would think that your radiator got to hot but... you might want to see a machanic for a little more info.

What causes a knocking noise under the hood of your car?

it could be your valves or your engine

What causes sparks under hood of car?

Sparks under the hood of a car are caused by shorts in the electrical system. A broken wire or loose connection is usually the culprit.

Where is the fusebox on a Chrysler Pacifica?

Under the hood.Under the hood.

Where would the engine size be found under the hood of a 1979 Chevy Malibu?

IT should be on a white sticker somewhere under the hood. Read all of them and you stumble onto it.

Where is the fuse box on a Chrysler Pacifica?

Under the hood.Under the hood.

Where is fuse box on 2005 Chrysler pacifica?

Under the hood.Under the hood.

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