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What causes a problem with the hazard button?


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some times its cause by turn signal fluidI have the same car with the same problem. I found out that heat from dash and poor design of the hazard switch location cause the failure. There is a recall in the works for this, but not until 2005.

What's fluid got to do with it?

The hazard button is hardly used at all so after some times it sticks in position, try turning it on and off to try and free it.


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i had the same problem. you need to replace the switch behind the hazard light button and that will solve the problem.

Hit the Hazard button it will be a triangled shaped button

If you turn/hazard lights don't work, or work when they want to, even if its just the turn signals or just the hazard likes that stop working, it gonna be the relay/flasher unit. It's located under your hazard light button. Your hazard light button sits on top of the unit. So if you have a persiting problem or an intermitant problem it's gonna be that unit. You can take off the portion of you dash that contains your vents, hazard light button and light dimmer poteniometer simply my just carefull prying it out srom its clips, be carefull when pulling it out as not to brake any of the plastic.

The hazard switch is located on the button itself. In a 1999 Honda Civic find the hazard button, which is located on the dashboard.

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There is a button near the hazard light button to do that.

turn signal switch is the hazard button! Pull out hazard button and replace it! good luck!

The hazard button alone can't be replaced. You will need to replace the complete signal switch which is called a multifunction switch.

Well, I have had a problem with my sister hazard light button, Some of the Renault Components are so cheaply made they are just not built to last. I would go down to your local Renault dealer and buy a new one for ยฃ9. Although there is still no harm in stripping the component down and locating the problem :D. hope this helps!

It is to the left of your hazard lights button on the center of the console.

On the interment panel there are screws around it. Remove them and remove the covering. You should now have small access hole to the right to the hazard button.

faulty hazard button assembly, if you are mechanically enclined you can open the button apart and adjust the contacts inside and that will fix it, if not just replace the button assembly.

Could be flasher Common problem on this vehicle Flasher is part of the hazard warning module

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many possible causes, but first look at a faulty hazard button switch assembly faulty.

behind the hazard button, its built as complete assembly for Turn/hazard signal

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The Hazard flasher button for a 1988 Cavalier can be bought from several sources. A Chevy dealer, online parts sites or even local salvage yards can all supply the button.

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