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Striking a curb, hitting a pothole at higher speeds. Defective Tire. Striking a curb, hitting a pothole at higher speeds.

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Q: What causes a shifted belt on a tire?
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What causes thumping from tire - Chevy Cobalt?

tires steel inner belt has shifted or separated

How dangerous is a shifted tire belt to drive on for a while?

Very bad it can blow out and cause a wreck because the belt separate from rubber

What causes a steel belt in a tire to shift?

Faulty construction of the tire of damage from a road hazard.

What causes a broken tire belt?

A broken belt in your tire can be caused by several different things. The most common cause is hitting a pothole or a solid object in the roadway.

How to stop wheel hop on a 1983 Mustang?

Wheel hop is usually a tire that has a shifted belt. Spin the wheel with it off the ground and check for irregularities.

How dangerous is a broken tire belt?

It is very dangerous to drive a vehicle with a broken tire belt. A tire belt is used to reinforce the area under the tread. They provide puncture resistance and help the tire stay flat so that it can make the best contact with the road. When a belt breaks the tire becomes out of round which causes steering wheel shimmy, vibration, and in the worst case scenario, tread separation from the tire. All 3 examples can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. If the tire belt is broken the tire needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Can you feel a tire with your hand if a steel belt has shifted?

YES - A broken tread or side belt will cause a shimmy or shake while driving. Also another way of telling if you have a belt shift is look directly at the tread face. If its broke the tread will actually be S shaped... hence the term S Shaped Tread. If you notice a belt shift replace the tire. I was a tire installer for 8 years and seen some horrific accidents caused by belt shifts in tires.

What causes your rear end to vibratate in your s-10?

A bad universal joint A rear tire out of balance A rear tire with belt separation

Info for front end wobble on 1999 Chevy suburban 4 wheel drive low speed not while braking?

I woulld be suspicious of a tire problem such as a shifted belt.

Can tires squeak?

Yes, a "slipped belt" can cause a tire to squeak. A slipped belt is when the belt area of the tire separates from the radial plies of the tire and there is a noise as the two parts rub across each other. If a tire squeaks because of a slipped belt, do not drive at high speed and replace the tire as quickly as possible. A slipped belt will eventually separate causing the tire to blow out.

Why does your steering wheel vibrate and shake?

The ball joint may be worn Several other causes; overinflated tire, out of balance tire, damaged tire belt, grabbing brake pad, warped brake rotor.

What causes out of round tire?

Could have hit a serious pot hole and damaged the tire.

How to fix a broken belt on my tire?

Buy a new tire.

What causes your 1991 Buick Park Avenue to vibrate?

My personal experience was a tire with a broken belt. There are other reasons but your description is vague.

How can you tell if tire has a broken belt?

The car will lurch side to side at low speed. The tire may have a visible distortion. The belt might stick out of the tire.

Does low tire pressure causes squeaking?

No. Low tire pressure causes poor handling and poor tire wear.

If your front tires feel like they have dimples or are waffled do you need a front end alignment or is it bad tires?

The waffle pattern is called "undulation" More noticable in Goodyear and Uniroyal tires. Tire people call it a building splice. Michelin has a different building process- so it is not that noticable on their tires. The person that answered your question first is refering to a dimple on the sidewall of many tires, and he is correct about the cause, and there is nothing wron with the tire. But if your refering to "dimples or waffeling" in the tread area its not normal and probabally caused by bad or worn suspension parts (SHOCKS MAYBE) or depending on the tire on some very light vehicles it can be caused by not rotating the tires and the problem will appear in the rear. either way once it gets worn in its hard to get rid of and will often cause lots of tire noise. Sometimes cross rotating the tires will help/ but if the tires are to far gone all you are going to do is prematurly wear out the suspension parts of the vehical. ANSWER this may also be a shifted belt in your tire this just happens sometimes if you have a shifted belt you should replace tire it will prematurely wear and eventually result in a blow out. a shifted belt will give the tire a buldge.

What if your tire belt brakes?

Buy new tire. Period. There is no way to repair a broken belt on a tire; given the manufacturing process of today's tires. The only factor to consider is the age of the tire (check the D.O.T. on the sidewall) to determine if tire may be defective.....

Why would your steering wheel shake while driving if you had your car wheel balanced and rotated?

You may have a bent wheel, defective tire where a steel belt has shifted or broken, worn steering parts, and possibly a defective wheel bearing.

What can be done about a broken tire belt?

If your car or vehicle has a broken tire belt you need to replace it. This broken item can cause a very bad accident.

What causes steering wheel vibration in a rear wheel drive car at 50 mph and above?

Out of alignment.......warped brake rotor......broken belt in a tire.....

How do you know if a tire is bad or broke belt?

A broken belt is bad - If it sways from side to side each rotation it's broken a belt. If a tire behaves oddly in any way you should change it.

How do you loosen serpentine belt on 2003 Rav4?

The serpentine belt on a 2003 Toyota Rav4 can be loosened by turning the retaining bolt on the idler pulley. The belt can then be shifted inward to loosen.

How long to use radial tire after some belt separation happens?

Replace tire ASAP!

What causes a chirping sound on a 1999 Chevy Malibu when you step on the accelerator?

we had a similar problem and took it to Canadian Tire and they said the coolant had dropped on the belt and they changed the belt and the noise is not there anymore ... it is either a fluke or it did work.... best of luck to you!