What causes a substance to expand?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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An increase in temperature of the substance causes it to expand.

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Q: What causes a substance to expand?
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Why does expansion happen?

Expansion occurs when a substance is heated. The energy given to the molecules in the substance causes them to vibrate and so they get pushed further apart, causing the substance to expand.

Why does the matter expand when heated?

Heat energy causes all matter to expand, a reason for this strange occurrence is that when a particular substance receives heat whether it be through conduction, convection or radiation the atoms inside the substance become more energised therefor needing more space to move, they push the outside boundaries making the substance expand. If the substance receives an exceeding amount of heat energy it will change states of matter.

When substance are heated they?

They expand

What substance expand to fill the entire volume of its container?

The substance is gas only.

When a substance expands do the particles get bigger?

They don't get bigger, they move further apart which causes the material itself to expand.

Heating causes an object to?


What are the causes of stomach expand?

.eating too much will make your stomache expand

Do all gases expand the same amount?

no, cuz there is a thing called the expansivity of a substance that tells us how much a particular substance will expand over 1 degree change in temprature

What is the expansion meaning of eta?

That usually means that when you heat a substance, it will expand - its volume will increase.

How does air heat?

it causes air to expand

How air heat?

it causes air to expand

What causes air to expand?

hydrogen and gases