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Q: What causes an object to have an negative charge?
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What causes a substance to have a positive charge?

the object has to have more positive charges than negative charges.

How can an object have a neutral charge if part of the object has a positive and a negative charge?

If the positive and negative charges are equal, then the object has a 'net' neutral charge.

Is there any negative charge on a positive charged object?

Any "object" larger than elementary particles consists of positive and negative charges. If your object has a negative charge, it simply has more particles with a negative charge than particles with a positive charge.

The charge an object has when it has lost electrons?

Negative charge!!

What is it called when a object looses its charge?

Negative Charge

What happen when an object with an negative charge touches anther object?

Depends on the charge (and conductivity) of the "other" object.

What happens when an object with a negative charge touches anther object?

Depends on the charge (and conductivity) of the "other" object.

Is it true that an object with a positive charge will attract another object with a negative charge?


What kind of charge can move from object to object?

Electrons can move from object to object. Electrons have a negative charge. So if an object is determined to have a positive charge, then some of the electrons have moved from the object to somewhere else. Something with a neutral charge has the same number of electrons [-] and protons [+]. If electrons [-] leave, then there will be more protons, and a net positive charge. If an object gains electrons, then the object has a net negative charge.

What happens if negative particles from one object move to another object?

Then the charge of the giving object becomes more positive, and the charge of the receiving object becomes more negative.

An atom with an additional election has what kind of charge?

If an object has extra electrons, it will surely have negative charge.

What is true about an object pulled inward in an electric field does it have negative charge object has charge of different field object has neutral charge or object has a charge same field?