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Anorexia is caused on a person thinks they are 'fat'. Most of the time, they aren't. I once knew a girl who put maybe a few kilograms on over the Christmas holidays and her gymnastics teacher told her to lay off the junkfood. I thought that was completely unreasonable, everyone looses weight after Christmas! Anyway. She developed anorexia. And lately, I think I'm getting it too. Anorexia is basically a state-of-mind. It can be cause by many different things. Depression-One being told "he" is fat or needs to lose some weight can trigger something in the mind, and "he" may not eat or sleep for a long period of time. anorexia is the loss of appetite. However, it is evident that the question refers to anorexia nervosa. Anorexia Nervosa is commonly known as simply anorexia. It is a mental disorder which is triggered my different causes. It is a disorder where the victim abstains from food because he/she is scared of weight gain or is trying to loose weight. Most of the victims have a body mass below the normal. Im sorry I think I was drifting from the original question....what causes anorexia? well, even the smallest situations can cause it...i have suffered the disease.....I remember my dad making a comment about me being a little chuncky.....even though it wasnt said with bad intentions, it hurt and it triggered my anorexia.....that is only one example.....there are many more causes. Wanting to loose weight to be liked by that special someone, or wanting to look like someone else, etc., etc. Most of the victims are perfectionist. It is a disorder that never truly goes away. I have spent everyday with it since I was 12 and now im 19. Everyday I have to make a choice whether to starve or to live. I hope i answered your question. If you have anymore questions for me feel free to ask me.


i personally went through anorexia, and these are the causes behind why i developed it----

my anorexia had nothing to do with wanting to look good or like a model. my eating disorder mainly existed because it was a way for me to cope with things I had been through. i went through a few traumatic events and i actually subconsciously wanted to make myself as small and ugly as possible that no guy would ever want to hurt me again. not eating was also a way to symbolically cleanse myself because i felt dirty and ashamed as a result of what i had been through. when i wouldn't eat, i would feel pure and clean.

controlling my intake also was my way of having control over my life. so many things had been out of my control and i felt that what I ate was the only thing i could control.

it was also a way for me to punish myself, a way of communicating that i was hurting, and a way to feel accomplishment and a sense of identity.

i also had low self esteem, saw a lot of my family members go on diets, was a people pleaser, and was sort of a perfectionist which can contribute to the development of eating disorders. know that eating disorders can be caused my many factors and that eating disorders have little to even do with food or weight. it's more about how the person feels and their ways of coping with it.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- causes: no definite cause has been determined..but some experts say that demands from society and family could be one of the possibilities of undelying the cause
There are many causes or factors that lead to anorexia. Some common ones are...


Low self-esteem

Victim of bullying or teasing

Social pressures

Pressures from friends or family



BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder)

Diets gone too far

Families members who also suffer from the disease

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Q: What causes anorexia?
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Anorexia is a cause of weight loss?

No. Anorexia is severe underweight. It has several causes, often psychological, but is not a cause itself.

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What disorder causes severe loss of appetite?

Anorexia Nervousa

Is Anorexia a Social Issue?

While there are personal or internal causes, anorexia is seen to be largely influenced and negatively caused by society.

How many people died from anorexia last year?

About 14,000,000 died of anorexia related causes just last year.

How does anorexia cause death?

The most frequent causes of death associated with anorexia are starvation, electrolyte imbalance, heart failure, and suicide

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What can anorexia cause?

Anorexia causes malnutrition and all of the symptoms that it brings, including hair loss, fatigue, skin discoloration, and nerve damage.

What is anorexia nerversa?

An eating disorder that causes people to obsess about their weight & the food they eat.

What are the symptoms and causes of meningoencephalitis?

headache, fever, convulsions, anorexia, altered level of consciousness.

What causes anorexia nervesa?

Anorexia Nervesa is caused when someone thinks that they are too fat (Someone who needs to be thin) so they basicly starve themselves in order to be thin.

What are the causes of anorexia nervosa?

anorexia nervosa is caused mostly by low self esteem or troubles with break ups and fighting can also trigger it. love Elisabeth.coolum rox baby!!

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