What causes back flow in a toilet?


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Generally it is caused by either a blockage or partial blockage in the drain downstream. But I have known backfall on the drains leading away from the toilet to cause it as well, though this is rare.

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A toilet will overflow when there is a blockage in the drain.

probably needs uncluging

wax clost seal is bad or toilet is loose

Back siphonage from something else in the building or the vent for the toilet is plugged or not installed properly

Snake the downstream line and get rid of the plug up.

What exactly is overflowing? this can range from a blocked toilet to a faulty washer

Approximately three gallons of water per minute flow through a toilet during a flush.

because it is clogged If a toilet has a blockage it will over flowWhen you say the toilet will fill are you talking about the tank?

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Putting toilet water into the tub with a cup.The real answer isWater seeks its own level and when a soil line (waste) is blocked water will find the lowest point to flow intoThus a toilet is above the tub and a basin is above the toilet.To prove allow water to flow in the basin and it should also flow into the tub

The downstairs toilet is not properly vented and the flow from the one upstairs creates a vacuum in the waste line.

12 inches from finished back wall to center of toilet flange.

The problem here is one of two problems, or both, depending on the installation of your toilet. One. The flushing rubber inside the toilet cystern on the bottom is now old and perishing and needs to be replaced. Two. Certain toilet cystern installations allow for the inlet over flow to flow into the pan of the toilet and not to the outside, thus causing the toilet to seem as though its constantly flushing, this also has a rubber inside of it and needs to be replaced. Check and make sure that the handle of the toilet is not sticky, it has been known that a sticky toilet handle (probably because the back nut is too tight) wont go down, therefore not allowing the flushing rubber to go back onto its seat to stop the water running into the pan.

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drink out of the toilet.......

there are many ways the clog a toilet 1. you can take a big dump 2. put lots and lots of toilet paper in it 3. put foreign objects in it 4. get a cheap low flow toilet

If the waste from one toilet is backing into another toilet, sink, or tub, you may need to use a back- flow prevent-er. This will keep all drainage from your home flowing in the proper direction. Also, you could have a clogged drainage pipe between the two fixtures!

That means that your toilet is clogged, or your toilet was clogged and you need to just flush once more.

You can use bleach to clean your toilet. Try various different toilet cleaners, instructions on back of tub.

Human beings using the toilet.

there can be many reasons and I will say my thoughts on just a few. 1. your toilet trap of the bowl is clogged with debris (toys, balls, etc) to fix = snake out toilet bowl or if necessary pull toilet bowl and snake backwards threw trap. 2. your tank flush flapper is closing to soon or your tank water level is not at right height to fix = change flapper or adjust water level height 3. your toilet arm before the vent is plugged because of back grade or debris clinging to the side of the drain pipe to test = pull toilet and run toilet water supply full on down threw toilet flange and see if any back flow. 4. your toilet main line is clogged from backgrade,roots,damaged pipe,etc but will let other fixtures slowly drain to test = camera toilet line from toilet flange out to street or septic or if no camera available then fill tub full and lav full and drain both at the same time and look at your lowest fixture trap to see if any back flow exists or open clean outs and if possible to see water flow .

Flapper not seating properly or sticking, letting incoming water flush toilet again.

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