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Circulating winds

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circulating winds

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Q: What causes currents to change direction?
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What are currents that change direction?

Alternating Current

What causes a tornado to move or change direction?

A number of things. Outflow from the parent storm or a nearby storm can give a tornado a "push" in a new direction. Larger scale wind currents can change the direction of the parent storm itself

What happens to an oceans currents when it hits a continent?

An oceans currents will change direction when they hit a continent.

What are winds in india that change direction of ocean currents?


Which phenomenon is associated with the change in the direction of equatorial currents?

el nino

What causes a spaceshuttle to change in velocity by change in direction?

A change in velocity constitutes a change in direction because velocity includes direction.

What changes direction when it meets a continent?

We know that ocean currents change direction when meeting a continent. The water must flow around the land, so it has to change direction to do that.

What causes ocean surface currents?

A surface current is a current caused by wind direction

What direction do convection currents-move?

Convection currents move in upward direction

What characteristics of deep ocean currents affect their motion?

rapid tempature change is the main characteristic that effects deep ocean currents.

What causes forces that affect currents in the ocean?

the uneven heating of the earth and change in the weather.

Why do large land areas cause surface currents to change direction?

because the surface currents move in huge circles ,they move clockwise in the northern hemisphere