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Call the power company immediately.

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Q: What causes lights to dim or go out completely in a new home?
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What causes the hi beam lights to be on dim when the low low beam lights are on?

Check the grounds for the headlights.

When was Dim All the Lights created?

Dim All the Lights was created in 1995.

What causes the dash board lights and head lights to become dim while driving 1998 ford expedition?

could be the alternator is about to go out

When should dim your lights when you are within how many feet of an approching car?

You should dim your lights as soon as you see their lights.

What causes lights to dim in 2001 dodge ram?

Can be a weak alternator. Have it checked at any auto parts store.

What makes you not hungry?

Dim lights

Why are your lights going dim on your Snowmobile?

How dim? There are several possible answers. First, the output of the light coil is directly related to the engine rpm. Second, if the regulator/rectifier is not functioning properly, the lights can be dim. Third, if you have a poor ground connection the lights will be dim.

You should dim your lights when you are within how many feet of an approaching truck or car?

when you see there lights you should dim yours

Why do your lights dim?

Lights dim when there is a voltage sag or brownout. A voltage sag can happen when a large appliance such as a large motor or heater comes on. The large current draw causes the supply voltage to drop slightly causing light bulbs to dim since they're operating @ a lower than rated voltage.

What causes a consistent drop to 10 volts on your dash gauge plus Lights are dim and Gen light came on?

Check the alternator.

Your dashboard lights on your vauxhall corsa are not working?

lights are very dim

Is dim a noun?

Dim is a verb and an adjective that is occasionally used as a noun. The noun form is dimness. Example uses: Verb: The lights went dim. Adjective: I can't read this in the dim light. Noun: With the lights on dim, we won't run down the battery.

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