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a gain or loss of heat energy

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Energy. When it came and when it leaves...

Temperature and pressureand also heat energy!

a change of temperature causes the particles to rearrange creating a new state

Yes, matter can change states after a physical change.

Matter is a general term for the substance of which all physical objectsStates of matterliguidsolidgasplasma

Matter changes by the states of matter .

Energy in general, for example Heat turns ice to water to gas. l

you change it by putting them together

Physical changes, such as the change from ice to water to steam; the compound remains as H2O in all three states.

Yes, state of water change. It changes into all the three states of matter.

change of state is when the different states of matter are changed into one another. states of matter are gas, liquid, plasma and solid.

Temperature causes the matter to exist in three different states. They are Solid, Liqid and Gas. If temperature is increased matter changes into gas and if temperature is decreased it changes into solid.

states of matter are solid liquid and gas. an objects physical state in determining wheather or not the object is a SOLID LIQUID or GAS.

It is typically called a phase change. :)

Acceleration of gravity states that all objects, no matter what the size, will fall at the same rate. This is the rate at which objects free-fall.

Provided all of the matter is accounted for, then no.

all three states of matter can do this.

No. Mass is a measure of how much matter is in an object, and that does not change when the matter changes states. The matter will either contract or expand, depending on the current state and the state to be reached, but that does not change how much matter is in the object.

No. Volume can change drastically between different states of matter, especially between solid and gas.

Temperature and pressure are the most common.

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