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This could be serious, get it checked by a doctor immediately.

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Q: What causes painful lumps in the breast?
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Are breast cancer lumps normally painful?

Breast lumps of all types may or may not be painful. This is true of both cancerous and noncancerous lumps.

What causes lumps in the breast?

It is probably a tumor

What causes Painful lumps on legs?

insect bites!

Are cysts breast cancer?

Although cysts can be painful, they are not signs of breast cancer. Cysts can be mistaken for serious lumps, but they aren't dangerous.

What causes painful lumps in muscles?

Many things--go see a doctor ASAP.

Is breast cancer the only breast disease?

Breast cancer is not the only breast disease. There is another type of breast disease called fibrocystic breast disease. It is a condition that causes breast pain, cysts and breast lumps.

You have 3 very painful lumps in your arm pit?

Swollen lumps in the armpits can be an indication of lymphatic disorders and there are a great many causes. Go see a doctor.

Small none painful lumps on scalp?


A painful lump in breast?

This is not normal. If you feel any lumps go to your doctor to have to checked out RIGHT AWAY! You will seriously regret it if you don't. Breast cancer is not a fun thing to have, the longer you wait, the worse the cancer will get to cure if you have it.

If you have small lumps on the nipple of your breast is it breast cancer?

yes yes

What is a tender breast?

A painful breast.

Are all lumps in a teenagers breast cancer?

Most of the lumps in teenage breasts are benign. Breast cancer is extremely rare at such a young age

What are the main causes of breast cancer?

The exact causes are unknown, however, high risk factors and advancing age, as well as a family history of breast cancer increases the chances of contracting it. Women with certain benign lumps are also at greater risk of developing breast cancer.

Are cancer lumps painful even though small?

Not necessarily. If you have lumps, please discuss it with your doctor immediately.

What causes small painless lumps on back of neck near hairline?

There are various reasons these lumps may appear including minor infections and rashes. If it grows larger, changes color, or becomes painful you may to get it checked out.

I am 16 year old girl. i think i noticed breast lumps. is there any chances of breast cancer?

i am 16 years old girl and doctor told me i have breast lumps. is there any chances of breast cancer?

Another word for feeling or touching the breast for lumps is called?

Breast palpation, palpating, etc.

Is polosystic ova ries to do with hair loss?

no, they are painful lumps on the ovaries

Lumps in breast?

Lumps in or out of breasts could mean breast or skin cancer, if you are the age of 0 - 19 it isn't possible, if you are very old, then yes it's possible, ask your doctor.

Is it right to touch sister on her breast?

If you are a doctor or medically inclined and looking for breast cancer lumps. Otherwise no.

What are some of the symptoms of breast tumors?

There are several symptoms that are associated with breast tumors. Among them are discharge, lumps found on the breast or around the breast and unusual change in color of the breast.

What do you do if you have lumps on your head and neck some of which are painful and are now increasing?

Doctor. Immediately.

Puss filled painful lumps in the arm pit?

a symptom of the bubonic plague

What is the system of tumor?

At first, lumps will appear, and then the patient will feel painful and bleeding.

How to tell if you have breast cancer?

feel for lumps. If you have some, GOT TO A DOCTOR !