What causes polluted rain?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Water falling through the air bumps into molecules of pollutants (SOx, dusts, organics, NOx, etc.) and washes them out of the air. These then fall as rain or snow.

This same processs (water bumping into dirty air) is used as an industrial pollution control system. The system is called a water scrubber. In that case the dirty water is collected for further treatment awhile the clean air is allowed to exhaust to the atmosphere.

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Q: What causes polluted rain?
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Does polluted rain have acid in?

yes polluted rain have acid in it

How can the ocean be polluted by precipitation?

Yes, because when other lakes or ponds get polluted and the clouds condenses it, it will rain polluted rain into the ocean.

What is another name for acid rain?

Polluted Rain

What is a word for polluted rain that starts with an a?

i think its acid rain....

What causes the air to be polluted?

The burning of fossil fuels from factories and businesses release carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere, causing pollution and acid rain.

What do you call it when rain is polluted with nitric of sulphuric acids?

acid rain

Can acid rain cause a storm?

No. Acid rain is polluted rainfall.

Which country is polluted by acid rain?


Is Slovenia polluted by acid rain?


Why Is The Rainwater polluted?

Waste is poured into the ocean water, and it turns into rain, making it polluted rainwater.

Rain polluted by build up of acids in the air is called?

Acid rain

What causes your lakes and rivers to be polluted?

Well littering can casue a polluted lake