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Many things or a combination of things can cause poor performance at a specific school. Some of them are poor teachers, students who do not understand the value of education so they do not do the work, a poor learning environment caused by external or internal factors, etc.

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Q: What causes poor performance at a specific school?
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What are the causes of poor performance in English language?

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Causes of poor performance in schools?

Sociologists have many theories as to what they believe cause poor academic performance in classrooms. One of the most highly believed reasons behind poor academic performance in students is distractions in daily life which result in the student not attending their class.

What are the causes of students poor performance in English language?

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What causes poor performance in mathematics in primary schools?

Poor performance in mathematics in primary schools may be caused by ineffective instruction. Children who are bored and not interested in the subject may also be a cause.

What are the causes of poor academic performance of high school students?

Lazy students,school teachers that don't care or they do not have the proper resources,parents who don't value education, lack of funds(money) provided by the state. The possibilities are endless!!

Poor performance in primary school in Kenya?

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Reasons for secondary school students poor performance in English language in Nigeria?

Secondary school students in Nigeria may experience poor performance because of a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include poverty, lack of awareness, and constant conflict.

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The list below contains elements which somewhat overlap or reinforce each other:-Poor management-Uncontrollable external factors-Human errors-Poorly designed processes-Technology or material failuresEach instance of each of these may have deeper, underlying causes. In analysis of performance it is important to get to the root causes and identify what can/should be fixed.

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