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What causes rainstorms?

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The main causes of rainstorms are turbulences in the atmosphere. This is a type of heavy rainfall that has a storm in it.

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What are the causes of rainstorms?

It causes severe flooding and damage to houses and mostly to mobile homes.

What is a major cause of flooding snow or rainstorms?


What is the antonym of wildfires?


Which state has most rainstorms?

Missoury and tennessee

What provided Aztec people water?


What is troposphere activity?

Weather, like rainstorms or clouds.

What kind of storms are there in Arizona?

there are duststorms sandstorms and rainstorms

What actors and actresses appeared in Rainstorms and Brainstorms - 1917?

The cast of Rainstorms and Brainstorms - 1917 includes: Max Asher Wadsworth Harris Kewpie Morgan Gladys Tennyson

How do you use cyclically in a sentence?

Sometimes rainstorms recur cyclically.

Why don't you see a rainbow during most rainstorms?


What do rainstorms produce?

Typically rain and wind and sometimes flooding

What has the author Floyd A Huff written?

Floyd A. Huff has written: '100-year rainstorms in the Midwest' -- subject(s): Charts, diagrams, Rainfall frequencies 'Drought climatology of Illinois' -- subject(s): Climate, Droughts 'Hydrometeorological characteristics of severe rainstorms in Illinois' -- subject(s): Depth-area-duration (Hydrometeorology), Rainstorms

Rainstorms that form over the Pacific Ocean reach?

The Mojave Desert.

In the desert runoff from infrequent rainstorms creates what?

They can create flash floods.

Rainstorms that form over the Pacific Ocean rarely reach?

The Mojave Desert.

What keeps vegetation growing on hillsides from washing downhill during rainstorms?

Their roots.

Do animals in the tropical rainstorms have long fur or short fur?

Short fur

How can a rainstorm affect the landscapes?

Rainstorms can affect landscapes by causing erosion and flooding.

What happens when cold air is more dense than warm air?

The heavier cold air sinks and slides under the warm air and forces it upward. This causes cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds to form. This brings in the rainstorms and thunderstorms.

Is there any severe weather in Hong Kong?

Yes, Hailstorms, Typhoons, and Severe Rainstorms

Did violent rainstorms beginning 3.9 million years ago form Earth's oceans?


What human activities can directly contribute to landslides?

Clearing trees from hills increases the frequency of rainstorms.

How does the water cycle affect weather along the west coast?

it affects a drought and afful rainstorms

What is the best type of metal roofing material that will withstand rainstorms?

Pretty much any type of metal roofing material will withstand rainstorms. Metal roofs made of aluminum will probably be the best though. Most don't even create sound when rain hits.

Runoff from infrequent rainstorms creates what in the desert?

Flash floods - a big killer of humans in desert regions.