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Q: What causes rocking back and forth while standing?
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Is rocking back and forth while talking when sitting or standing a symptom of ADHD or something else?

If the behavior concerns you it should be evaluated by a medical professional. There could be several underlying causes.

What causes a child to rock back in forth while standing and sitting?


What causes someone to feel a rocking sensation while standing?

There are several different reasons that someone might feel a rocking sensation when standing still. You could have an ear infection that is messing with your inner ear balance or you could actually have an illness called Balance Disorder.

How do you unlock the steering wheel for a 1988 mercury grand marquis?

Try "rocking" back and forth while turning ignition key

Can someone get a brain aneurysm or die from rocking back and forth regularly?

Since I have been young I can remember rocking back and forth. I would either do it while sitting on my couch or lying in my bed by bashing my head in my pillow. The weird thing was that I only enjoyed doing it while watching TV or listening to music. I especially find it hard to be able to listen to music even when I am in a car without rocking back and forth. My main concern has always been if doing this regularly causes people to have any brain problems that can lead to serious problems or even death. I always hear of cases where a single blow to the head can cause a brain aneurysm that leads to death or cases where people live with a brain aneurysm and do not even realize it. I have been doing this for 19 years now and because I do not know how to stop myself from rocking/ what can happen to you/ what it is called I am more worried.

Why won't your 2000 Plymouth Neon start unless you rock the car back and forth in park then turn the key while the car is still rocking?

There is a park Neutral Switch involved in your starting circuit that may be positioned out of sink. Rocking the car gives the random luck in the sensor position it sounds like.

When a string player causes small pitch fluctuations by rocking the left hand while pressing the string down it is called what?

Using vabrato makes the tone warmer and more expressive.

Why did Benjamin Franklin invent the rocking chair?

to swat flies while sitting outside. sitting in a still chair attracted flies, but rocking swatted them away

How to fix a rear seat in a VW that is stuck up?

A rear seat in a VW car that is stuck up can often be fixed by moving the release while gently rocking the seat back and forth. This will allow the release to disengage and move the seat.

Is rocking back and forth while talking when sitting or standing a symptom of ADD or something worse?

It is a symptom of autism, though having only one symptom does not mean you have the disease. Try looking up autism to see if any other symptoms apply. It can mean your stressed or tense. I know individuals that do this, and the best thing to do is relax. This increases tension build up is not good for your health, and can decrease you life expectancy.

What causes flutters?

Sitting down for a while without breathing very much e.g when watching a movie then standing up quickly and taking a deep breath

What really tall African animal sleeps while standing?

Giraffes normally sleep while standing up.