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Sedimentary rock can become metamorphic rock under intense heat and pressure. The heat and pressure do not change the rock's chemical composition, but do change its physical properties like hardness, texture, and structure.

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What causes sedimentary rock to become magma?

sedimentary rocks change with heat and pressure and become metamorphic rock then rocks melt into magma.

Which type of rocks can become metamorphic rocks?

Both sedimentary and igneous

How does an sedimentary rock turn into a metamorphic rock?

It is possible when a sedimentary r. can become a metamorphic r. because when metamorphic rocks get charged by heat and pressure, the metamorphic rock goes through a complete change which causes the metamorphic rock to become a sedimentary r.

Can Igneous Rocks be changed into sedimentary or metamorphic rocks?

No it cant be change into a sedimentary rock. it can become a metamorphic though

What causes sedimentary or igneous rock to turn into metamorphic rock?

Heat and pressure changes both igneous rocks sedimentary rocks into metamorphic rocks.

How does sedimentary rock become magma?

heat and pressure= metamorphic rocks then metamorphic rocks melt and become magma

Which types of rocks are not metamorphic rocks?

Sedimentary and Igneous rocks are not metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic rocks however are igneous or sedimentary rocks that have undertaken metamorphism (In extreme heat and/or pressure the minerals are forced to recrystalize) and become metamorphic rocks. If the heat/pressure causes the rock to melt into liquid rock than it is no longer metamorphi, it is igneous. Hope this helps :)

How sedimentary rock and metamorphic rocks become igneous rocks?

they cant

How can sedimentary rocks become metamorphic?

Heating and pressure

Can an igneous rock become metamorphic?

Yes,so can sedimentary rocks and even other metamorphic rocks.

What process changes metamorphic rocks into sedimentary rocks?

The process of sedimentary rocks changing to metamorphic rocks is called metamorphosis. But I don't know about the change of metamorphic rocks into sedimentary rocks.

When igneous rocks are subjected to intense heat and pressure they become what type o rock?

Metamorphic. Heat and Pressure causes rocks to become metamorphic. Processes like weathering, erosion, deposition, compacting and cementing cause rocks to become sedimentary.

How can sedimentary rocks become metamorphic rocks?

by heat and very great pressure

Do sedimentary rocks melt and become magma?

No. It's the Metamorphic rocks that melt and become magma.

How does sedimentary rock turn to metamorphic rock?

Sedimentary rocks get turned in to metamorphic rocks by heat and pressure. They get heated by magma and convection currents, which causes the rock to change.

What is required to change an igneous rock into a sedimentary rock?

Igneous rocks are a "finished product". They do not become sedimentary rock - though sedimentary rocks, with heat and pressure can become metamorphic rocks.

What causes metamorphic rocks form?

the igneous rocks change and start to become metamorphic rocks

What is the difference of sedimentary metamorphic and igneous rocks?

lava and/or magma cools and forms igneous rocks. igneous rocks go through weather and erosion which forms sediments. these sediments are collected and compacted. this causes sedimentary rocks. the sedimentary rocks go through weather and erosion as well as being exposed to heat and pressure. this causes metamorphic rocks. metamorphic rocks go through heat and pressure and then they melt and become lava or magma again. this is called the rock cycle.

Could metamorphic rocks be formed from changes in igneous sedimentary or other metamorphic rocks?

Yes. A number of metamorphic rocks are formed from igneous and other metamorphic rocks. In fact there is a sequence of metamorphic rocks that starts with the sedimentary rock, shale. Shale metamorphoses into slate, which in turn can become phyllite, which can become schist, which can become gneiss. Gneiss can also form by metamorphosing granite, which is an igneous rock.

How does a metamorphic turn into sedimentary?

It's the other way around: How does a sedimentary rocks turn into a metamorphic rocks? The answers is: "By heat and pressure". Metamorphic rocks never turn into sedimentary rocks.

What can happento a sedimentary rock once it is formed?

Sedimentary rocks can be eroded into sediments and form sedimentary rocks again, they can melt and become igneous rocks, and they can undergo extreme heat and pressure and become metamorphic rocks.

Can metamorphic rocks form form igneous but not from sedimentary rocks?

Metamorphic rocks can form from both igneous and sedimentary rocks

What features of sedimentary rocks are unlikely to be found in metamorphic rocks what features of metamorphic rocks do not occur in sedimentary rocks?


Are unakite rocks Sedimentary rocks Metamorphic rocks or Igneous rocks?


How metamorphic rocks change into sedimentary rocks?

Indirectly, and only by weathering and erosion into sediment that may become deposited to become a sedimentary rock in future.

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