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A shaking of the crust of the Earth could symbolize an Earthquake. This shaking of the crust can be measured with special machines.

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in may affect the internal energy of the earth,also shaking of the earth's crust (earth quake) due to the movement of molten materials in interior of the crust

the causes of earth crust to move is the heat from the core that it make the mantle to open to be a mountain.

The Earth's crust is made up of tectonic plates. These plates are constantly moving and when they rub against one another, it causes an earthquake. So the thing that is shaking is the Earth's crust.

The violent shaking of earth causes most damage. This shaking disrupts the foundation of buildings.

density and thickness of the crust

The crust will start to freeze and causes the earth to rotate really fast

shaking of the material such as magma under the surface of the earth

The most abundant elements in earth's crust are oxygen and silicon. This is what causes silicates to be dominant in the crust of the earth.

An earthquake is a shaking of the ground caused by shifts in the tectonic plates as they move against each other.

An Earthquake is a violent and sudden shaking of the Earth. The Earthquake is usually caused by the movement of the plates in the Earth's crust

Sort of. the tectonic plates of the earth move which causes earth quakes and mountains.

Shifting of the Tectonic plates under the earth.

Mexico is sometimes referred to as "the land of shaking earth because Mexico sits where three plates in the earths crust collide. Sometimes movement of these plates can cause disastrous results such as a volcano erruption or an earthquake.

An earthquake is a violent shaking of earth's crust. Earthquakes commonly occur along transform boundaries, where one plate grinds by another.

The shift of the Earth's crust causes the ground to shake or 'quake'

High strength tremors shatter fault lines, creating a large eartquake to split the crust of the earth.

sea floor spreadingPressure from the core of the earth is the process that causes the earth's crust to be continuously formed by volcanic activity.

the earth has a crust but the sun appears to not have a crust

Oldest crust on the earth is found at the bottom of the earth. Newest crust on the earth is found at the top of the earth.

The main causes of volcanoes to erupt is the movement of plate tectonics. This opens up a vent on the surface of the earth through which the magma from the crust of the earth is discharged.

The crust is the outermost layer of the Earth.

they crust plates!!

It was the Aztecs that called Mexico "the land of the shaking earth"

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