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if it is white smoke engine need to rebuilt.

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Q: What causes smoke to come out of exhaust in a Petrol 1995 Suzuki Escudo?
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What causes blue exhaust out of a car tailpipe?

If you mean the smoke it's usually related to the quality of petrol

What causes backfire from exhaust pipe?

Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

What are the causes of high fuel consumption in suzuki escudo vehicles?

Several problems can cause high fuel consumption. An engine that needs a tune up, a slipping transmission or a problem with a sensor giving bad information to the computer can all cause low fuel economy.

What causes electric charge to build up in petrol tanker?

Electric charge can build up in a petrol tanker due to friction between the flowing liquid and the tanker walls, creating a separation of charges. This can be exacerbated by the movement of the liquid, leading to a transfer of electrons and the accumulation of charge on the tanker surface. Factors like temperature, humidity, and the type of materials involved can also impact the buildup of electric charge.

What causes your Toyota truck to backfire?

I will assume you asking about a petrol motor... usually its incorrect timing settings, find out what the timing setting should be, then adjust to suit a leaky exhaust system will also cause this

How does petrol affect the environment?

Petrol is a Fossil fuel. It gives out enormous amounts of Carbon-dioxide on combustion. All vehicles use petrol. So it causes environmental pollution.

Who causes car exhaust fumes?

No who, but what. All internal combustion engines emit exhaust fumes.

What causes car to catch fire?

over heated or burning petrol

What causes oil in the exhaust?

Broke rings on pistons

What causes fumes of vehicles in environment?

gas from the exhaust

What causes blue smoke from exhaust?

Burning oil

What causes black soot from exhaust?

burning oil