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All matter, including non-conductors contain protons (which have a + charge) neutrons ( which have no or 0 charge) and electrons (which have a - charge) The protons and neutrons are 'wrapped up' in the middle of the atom, the nucleus, and so do are not able to move, but the electrons go around the outside of the atom, they orbit the nucleus like our planet orbits the sun, these can move.

If some of the electrons are removed by rubbing a non-conductor then it gains an overall + charge as there is still the same number of protons (+) but now less electrons (-). The reverse is also true if electrons are transferred to a non-conductor then it will have more electrons (-) than protons (+) and therefor have an overall - charge.


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Q: What causes static electricity in things that don't conduct electricity?
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A static charge builds up when two things are rubbing together.

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You can move things with static electricity!

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Static electricity is a build up of electrons that are rubbed off by things rubbing against each other. Static electricity is a problem on dry days with low humidity. Even the wind rubbing on cars can build up static electricity, a comb or balloon rubbed against clean hair builds up static electricity and of course lightening is a discharge of static electricity from the clouds to the Earth.

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It is static electricity.

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Static electricity has electricity and friction makes heat and slows things down.

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Sorta ... static electricity always develops on insulated things : either non-conductors or isolated conductors.