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What causes swelling and bruising of the cheek after a molar is filled?


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Hello I am a Certified Dental Assitant for almost 10 years. The answer to your question depends on a two things; #1 This can happen from the doctor/assistants pulling on your cheek. Some people are more sensitive than others so pulling on your cheek is like if you hit your arm or leg and you then get a bruise. The swelling should go away with-in 3-5 days (sometimes less), and the bruising should go away in 7-10 (sometimes less) days. You can help this by using an ice pack on the OUTside of your cheek for 10 min on then 10 min off for the next few days. #2 If you are having toothache symptoms, and the tooth is OVERLY sensitive to HOT and COLD as well as when you bite, and the filling was quite large, you may need further treatment on this tooth. Call your dentist, he will take an xray and determine what needs to be done next. I really think that you are having #1, so don't worry. :) You will be fine.


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Any surgery has a risk of complications. Some of the risks of a cheek lift include loss of sensation in the face, bruising or swelling, internal bleeding and blood clot.

Yes, some swelling is very normal after having a tooth extracted. You may even end up with a little bit of bruising but these things should only last a few days.

The cheek swelling was caused by bacterial infection, which food debris to the periodontal pocket of your wisdom tooth resulted in. Usually metronidazole and cefaclor should be taken orally about one week. The wisdom tooth need to be pulled out until the cheek swelling cure.

Answer, Could be that you have an infection in your mouth. I'd recommend that if the swelling doesn't go down in a day or so, go see a doctor.

Hi, You need to see your doctor or dentist. The swelling on your cheek may be due to treatment the dentist performed or a mouth ulcer.

If you have swelling in your right cheek that is attached to your muscle, but there's no pain, this could be caused from a bruise. It's a good idea to see a doctor if it persists.

Maybe its a ghost a past love one that kissed you on the cheek.

Yes, bruising and swelling are very common complications of wisdom tooth extraction. The swelling will be at its worst 48-36 hours after the extraction before it begins to die off. Apply an ice pack to the swollen area. I hope I have been of some assistance. Dr Nicholas Manning BDS Glasg MFDS (RCSEng)

One thing you want to do is apply ice cold water.

Facial swelling under the eyes and cheeks can be caused by a mild to serious disorder. Swelling may even be caused by an allergic reaction from food to animal dander.

Answer stitches in cheekI had my wisdom teeth taken out a week ago all my swelling has gone down and i have the same thing there is 1 stitch in my cheek so yes im pretty sure it is normal.

Several causes... if this is about your butt cheek, then try using cortisone cream, ifit doesnt g way see a dr.

The area got irritated due to the root canal. Swelling is a natural response to the irritation. It is annoying to have cheek swelling. I just had a root canal done and absolutely disgusted w/the experience. I've been doing a lot of research and it says the swelling varies person to person but can last up to a week. However, make sure you have a follow up appt within a month to recheck area.

yes, that is normal, if you have swelling after 24 hours, and no fever or a headache its ok,what you can do, you can put a warm compress on the cheek. you can heat a warm towel in the microwave.

The inside cells of the cheek are living cells. The cheek cells outside are dead and filled with keratin. These living cells have a nucleus which contains DNA. This is a very easy way to gather DNA samples and it is not invasive.

well my friend, this happened to me and its nothin some ice cant fix use some ice

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You may have an infection in one of your teeth (possibly a molar) and you should first see your doctor, then dentist.

Soft tissue injuries, such as a "fat lip," a burned tongue, or a cut inside the cheek, are characterized by pain, redness, and swelling with or without bleeding.

The numbness and thickness after a molar extraction usually goes away after a few hours but could last a day or two. Usually by the next dental visit the numbness, thickness and swelling should be gone if not inform your dentist.

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