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What causes jagged teeth?

Teeth grinding

Why do you grind your teeth in your sleep?

The medical term for teeth grinding during sleep is called Sleep Bruxism. The list of possible causes for teeth grinding at night is long. Look up a teeth grinding support group online to get specific help.

What causes a larger dental tori?

clenching or grinding your teeth can cause tori.

What causes nocturnal bruxism?

Teeth clenching is considered the same as teeth grinding or Bruxism. The causes are not totally understood but may include stress, improperly aligned teeth, or broken or missing teeth. Other causes may be caffeine or a medication you are taking.

What causes teeth clicking at night?

Teeth clicking or teeth grinding? Teeth Grinding is just something that a lot of people do, called Bruxism. o like, a way to stop is from damaging your teeth is to wear a mouthguard at night (they come in clear) or a sport mouthguard. :) Hope it helped :)

What are teeth designed for grinding food?

Molars(the teeth in the back of you mouth) are the teeth that are desighned for grinding food.

What causes teeth grinding during the day?

If your awake when you grind your teeth your obviously conscious of it... so maybe its a habit or boredom Talk to your dentist

Can Pylera cause teeth grinding?

Yes. I start grinding my teeth when I started taking Pylera

How do wild horse wear down their teeth?

Wild horses wear their teeth down the same way normal horses do... by eating! Just like captive horses, when they eat grass (or hay for normal horses) they chew the food by grinding their teeth. This grinding causes their teeth to wear down.

Can teeth grinding occur when a child has enlarged adenoids and tonsils?

Teeth grinding in children has nothing to do with having enlarged adenoids and tonsils. If a child is grinding their teeth, it is simply a bad habit.

What is the medical term meaning grinding teeth?

Bruxism is the medical term meaning teeth grinding.bruxism

What are giraffes teeth like?

there teeth are long for grinding

Are all your teeth the same?

No. You have teeth for grinding and different teeth for tearing.

Which of your teeth are used for grinding food?

Your molars are responsible for grinding food.

What teeth are used for crushing and grinding?

The molars are used for crushing & grinding.

Why gerbils grinding their teeth?

they gind there teeth because since their rodents their teeth keeps on growing longer so they'll have to keep them short by grinding there teeth or gnawing on something.

What is the meaning of teeth grinding in a dream?

A dream of grinding teeth probably indicates that the dreamer is actually grinding teeth in his/her sleep. This is called "bruxism," and can result in damage to the teeth as well as headaches and pain in the jaw. See attached link for further information.

What is the medical term meaning grinding teeth during sleep?

Nocturnal bruxism means grinding teeth during sleep.

Do herbivores have teeth?

Yes but only small grinding teeth

Does grinding your teeth make your front teeth smaller?


Is eating ice bad for your health?

Of course eating ice is not bad for your health--it's just water. Eating ice is bad for your teeth--it causes your teeth to grind down & grinding your teeth is bad which wears off the enamel. I had to get bone lengthening surgery from years of candy, ice chewing, grinding my teeth to put several crowns on.

What are some of the effects of teeth grinding at night?

Teeth grinding can be referred to as bruxism. Teething grinding may not be brothersome to some but can be really brothersome to others when the other person is sleeping.

What is bruxomania?

It is the compulsion for grinding teeth.

Which teeth are used for grinding?


Do reptiles have flat grinding teeth?