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What causes the bubonic plague?

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fleas cause the Bubonic Plague, in the middle ages, the fleas bit rats and jumped onto humans spreading it

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The bacterium that causes bubonic plague is transmitted to humans by?

The bacterium that causes bubonic plague is transmitted to humans by the bite of a flea.

How is Doctor Yersin connected to bubonic plague?

The name of the bacillus that causes Bubonic plague is Yersinnia pestis.

What insect causes bubonic plague?


What Mistaken Ideas About Causes of the Bubonic Plague?


What were the different beliefs about the causes of bubonic plague?

The peasants thought that the causes for the bubonic plague was the Jews poisoning the world, god punishing them, bad air and the alinement of the planets!

What is the name of the germ for the bubonic plague?

The bacteria that causes Plague infections is called 'Yersinia pestis'.

Who can get the bubonic plague?

Anybody can catch the bubonic plague

How can you prevent bubonic plague?

To be cured from the bubonic plague you can use antibiodics. In the previous bubonic plagues when it was a plague there was no cure.

Is there a cure for the Bubonic plague?

no there is not. scientist are trying to find a cure for the Bubonic plague but with your help we can fight the Bubonic plague.

Can you prevent Bubonic Plague?

To be cured from the Bubonic Plague you can use antibiodics. In the previous bubonic plagues when it was a plague there was no cure.

What is the difference between Xenopsylla cheopis and bubonic plague?

xenopsylla cheopis is the scientific name of the flea that is the vector for Yersinia pestis, which is the bacteria that causes bubonic plague.

What is the name of the bacteria that actually causes the Bubonic Plague?

Yersinia pestis .

When did the Bubonic Plague end?

The bubonic plague ended in 2012

How was the bubonic plague cured?

The bubonic plague was cured with antibiotics.

What were the causes of the back death?

bubonic plague carried by rats and spread by fleas

What gave the bubonic plague its name?

The Bubonic Plague, or Black Plague/Black Death, is called that because the bacteria's toxin affects the Red Lymph Nodes, which are called Bubos, and causes them to swell. Hence, the Bubo-nic plague. Hope this helps.

How does the bubonic plague affect muscles?

The Pneumonic plague, (internal bubonic plague,) constricted your throat muscles.

Where can you find pictures of the bubonic plague? then type pictures of the bubonic plague

What is Yersinia pestis a plague in history and in modern times?

Yersinia pestis is the bacillus that causes the Black Death (Bubonic Plague).

What was the plague in 1593?

The Bubonic Plague

How can the bubonic plague be treated?

There is a vacine that can cure the Bubonic plague that we have developed today. It can treat the plague and prevent it as well.

What causes bubonic plague?

The black death, other wise known as the Bubonic Plague occurred in Europes middle ages. It was caused by a disease that rats and fleas carried and as shown, was deadly, for there was no cure for it then

Why is the bubonic plague called bubonic?

The Bubonic plague is called bubonic because it comes from the Greek word boubōn, meaning swelling. Since the swelling of the lymph nodes is the most common symptom of the bubonic plague, this is the term used.

Is there a cure for Bubonic Plague?

Modern medicine can effectively cure bubonic plague yes.

Where did the bubonic plague occur?

the bubonic plague occurred in Europe about 400 years ago

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