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Bad speed sensors can cause the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20 mph. The blockage of the air filters can also cause the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20 mph.


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By changing direction. Acceleration is a change in velocity. Since velocity takes direction into account, while speed does not, an object can having a changing velocity even while its speed remains the same. And while that object is changing its velocity by changing its direction, it is accelerating, regardless of its speed remaining constant. For example, if a car is driving north at constant speed of 20mph, its speed is 20mph, while its velocity is 20mph towards the north. At this point, the car is not accelerating. Now if the car turns a corner to head east while maintaining its speed of 20mph, its velocity is changing from 20mph northward to 20mph north-eastward and finally to 20mph eastward. As it is turning, it is accelerating. However, as soon as it stops turning, the car is no longer accelerating.

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Check your air intake, maybe your car cant get enouhg air at lower revs due to a blockage in the airintake?

Depending on the type of residential area, speeds can vary -- either 15mph, 20mph, 25mph, to 35mph. For example, in a small town, a side street is posted at 20mph. Four blocks away is a county maintained road with a solid double line posted as 35mph. Get to know how road markings affect speed limits.

Yes in a form. It can not be literaly -20mph but in deceleration it is. when you slow down a car to a stop that is negative volocity. and volacity is speed+direction. ex: 30mph east. so if your travaling 20mph west then slow to a stop it changes to -20mph west. (until you start going east) but because volacity is a messure of speed then yes it is possible. but not like when approching the speed of light when time slows down, if you go slower than it by so much then it speeds up. (because the speed cant be that form and has to be in directiog)

Final velocity minus starting velocity, divided by time it took. Ex. Speeding up you car from 40mph to 60 mph when going on to freeway. It took 2 seconds. 60mph - 20mph= 40mph/2sec =20mph 20mph is your acceleration.

Speed = Distance/Time ex.: Distance - 50mi. Time - 2.5 hours 50mi. / 2.5hours = 20mph Speed - 20mph

In California, mopeds are classified whether they are capable of speeds exceeding 30mph or 20mph. The faster mopeds require a M1 or M2 license. The slower mopeds do not require a license but have other financial requirements.

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transmission is going out and bad

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When my 1998 Kia did this, it was the wheel bearings, inner and outer. Your local car repair shop should be able to check it out for you by putting it on a lift - usually at no cost to you. I am very curious about that also, i have a 2000 or 2001 kia sportage, but it vibrates starting at 60 mph, usually on the interstate.

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