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What causes the check engine light to stay on in a 1999 Daewoo Lanos?


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2007-12-21 17:42:35
2007-12-21 17:42:35

One of the control devices is malfunctioning on the engine, and it needs to go to a shop for repairs. Simple things first though. If the light just came on, check to make your gas cap is on correctly, leaving it loose will cause the check engine light to come on. The light will reset itself after awhile of normal driving. If it does not have your local autopart store or shop read the code. That is the simplist way. Does the engine sputter while driving? That is an electrical problem with the spark plugs not firing when they should or not at all. Change the wres and plugs, check timing. That is what happened to mine


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To check the transmission fluid on a Daewoo Lanos 2000 you have to get to the back side of the engine from underneath. The way we did it was to put the car on a lift.

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Do you have a check engine light. I have had problems with my 01 Lanos and the check engine light came on and it was the oxygen sensor so that may be your problem

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Mass Air Flow MAF sensor could be your, problem check that!

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Check for water leaks in rubber hoses. Check radiator for leaks. Check for Low engine oil level. Check oil for water ingress (water droplets on dipstick) Check for water in cylinder (Check compression or remove spark plugs, check for rust or water spurring out hole when cranking engine).

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