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White light is a mixture of different color; a prism or similar device that produces a spectrum simply separates these colors.

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What causes the different colors in the spectrum?

Visible light contains all of the colors with in the spectrum. The only way we see color is the bending and refraction of the visible light sending certain wave lengths back, which our brain interprets as different colors.

Are specific spectrum of electromagnetic radiation the cause for color if true which causes which?

Not exactly. Different colors are different frequencies of light. "Spectrum", on the other hand, refers to an analysis of a mix of wavelengths.

What colors on the color spectrum combine to produce gray?

The colors on the color spectrum combined to produce gray are black and white.

What is the color spectrum?

a series of light and colors.

Longest wavelength in the spectrum of color?

The color red has the longest wavelength of all the colors in the light spectrum.

Why do rainbows have 7 colors?

because the color spectrum has 7 colors

What is a full spectrum led light?

a: LEDS emit different color of light or really different frequency that to us means colors. Some LED are manufacture to provide the full spectrum of frequency. so full spectrum

Is the frequeny of different colours of light is equal?

No, different colors of visible light have different frequency. For example, Violet color has highest frequency in visible spectrum and Red color has lowest.

What is the relationship between the colors you saw and the lines of the electromagnetic spectrum produced by the metals?

Each chemical element has a different spectrum; and each color has a specific wavelength.

What colors does the color green absorb?

The color green absorbs all colors in the light spectrum besides green.

What is the difference between white light and a spectrum?

the difference is that white light is a mixture of the seven spectrum colors but when refracted (separated by a transparent object) it splits again into seven colors striking at different angles that's why they look like color above the difference is that spectrum is a number of split colors striking at different angles but white light is the mixture of those colors.

Which color moves slowest through the spectrum?

Colors don't "move through the spectrum". Light of different colors has the same speed in a vacuum. In transparent materials such as glass or water, there are slight differences in speed, but that depends on the materal.

Where does White in the color spectrum?

White is the combination of all colors

What color is your Sun?

The sun emits all colors of the spectrum.

What color contains all the colors of the visible spectrum?


What colors make white when mixed?

All colors in the color spectrum make white. Black is the absence of color/light

What are all the colors fire can be?

Red, orange, blue, green, white, pink, etc... Pretty much the whole color spectrum. It depends what your burning. different chemicals burn different colors.

What are the three properties of color?

The three properties of color are the spectrum, the chromaticity, and the primary colors

What reflects all the colors of the spectrum?

White, which isn't really a color but the absence of a color

What color comes between blue and violet?

Indigo is the color seen between blue and violet on the color spectrum. While the colors in the spectrum as gradual and continuous, then human eye only distinguishes seven unique colors.

What kind of dogs can see colors?

Dogs are not color blind, but they have a limited spectrum of colors that they can see.

What is the emission spectrum?

The emission spectrum is the spectrum that shows what color(s) the element is. It shows the color that it gives off.

What color is not consider primary color of light?

The primary colors of light are red, green, and blue, which can create all of the colors in the spectrum.

Can we see all the colors or are ther more?

the colors which we can see are called visible colors that appear in visible light spectrum VIBGYOR these are the only visible colors although we can see different colors by the combination of these colors also whit is a visible color

What is the most visible color in the color spectrum that causes plant growth?


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