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check spark plugs and wires

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Q: What causes the engine to miss?
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What causes an engine miss?

Bad wire

What causes a bad miss in a 1995 Ford Explorer?

The engine

What causes a Kawasaki 185 Bayou to miss at high rpm?

A bad spark plug or spark plug wire can cause your Kawasaki engine to miss at high rpm's. A dirty fuel filter can also cause the engine to miss.

What causes an infiniti j30 to shake when started up?

Can be engine miss or broken motor mount.

What causes an engine to miss?

Bad plugs, wires, coil pack... A number of things can be wrong

What causes engine miss when idling?

There could be many reasons, a vacuum leak is one possibility.

What causes a cars engine to miss when turning right?

its not working properly ...should bought a ford

What causes a Chrysler PT Cruiser to miss?

Causes of a misfire include spark plugs, coils, fuel injector, wiring, computer, or internal engine problems.

What causes engine cut out and miss momentarily on 1996 Oldmobile Achieva 2.4 liter?

the transmission is clogged with congellied oil

What causes engine to miss other than plugs wires ect?

Check for hairline cracks (very hard to see) inside the distributor cap. This causes cross firing.

What causes a Miss fire on a Chrysler 300m?

Common causes include spark plugs, ignition coil, fuel injector, wiring, internal engine problems, and computer malfunction.

What causes an engine Miss fire under load?

replace the ignition leads then try the coil aswell Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, injector, internal engine, etc.

What causes engine failure?

There are four causes of the engine failure. The four causes of the engine failure includes engine overheating, lubrication problems, misassembly , and detonation.

What causes the engine to miss at 4000 rpm on a 1998 Ford Expedition 5.4?

Auto Zone will check engine codes for FREE. I thing you may have a bad coil park or plug.

What causes a 1988 5.8 ford to miss?

The name of Miss Argentina 1988/

Why does your 2003 Ford Escape have a miss in the engine?

Check your alternator, it will cause the engine to miss if it is not putting out enough voltage under a load.

What do the kids first think causes Miss Caroline to scream?

because miss had pms

Can bad gas turn on check engine light?

Yes, it is possible as you may have a miss. That miss would turn on the check engine light.

Causes of Ford 5.4L engine miss under load?

Fuel filter replacement fixed this problem on my 2002 F250. ABS light would also come on.

If the oil sending unit on a 1995 neon is bad will it miss?

No it will not cause an engine miss.

What causes an engine to shudder?

No gas in the engine

What causes the engine to shake when idling or stopped?

A miss or A collapsed engine mount or A imbalance caused by a failing component, harmonic balancers and torque converters are common.

Ford Ranger miss fire?

have a miss fire on a3.0 1998 ford what are possible causes

Miss-fire in car engine?


Why does engine shake?

Miss or vacuum leak.

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