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What causes the exhaust pipe to smoke?


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It depends on what color the smoke is. If it is white smoke that usually mean coolant is in the oil and that can be a result of a blown head gasket. If it is a greyish bluish color then it is oil burning. if it is black then you are burning gas.

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Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

the smoke that comes out of a exhaust pipe is supposed to be white

Water vapour due to condensation in the exhaust pipe.

the "smoke" is always there when you breathe in the morning, when its cold, you see like a mist, that what that is, its just you usually cant see it

No, it will not cause smoke from the exhaust pipe. However the leaking oil can drip on the exhaust manifold where it will be burnt and smoke.

A puff of smoke that's in a shape of the exhaust pipe A gasket/seal that is shaped like a donut. They are used between the manifold and the exhaust pipe.

no. when a head gasket is bad coolant goes to the exhaust pipe and causes the car to smoke alot all white smoke.

You may have oil on the exhaust, once this has burnt off the smoke should stop.

Oil in the combustion chamber. Could be a sign of worn out piston rings.

what kind of gasoline are you running? and what color is the smoke?

Could be a diesel? If not then replace your oxygen sensor on your exhaust. A bad oxygen sensor causes the exhaust smoke to be dark in color.

Black smoke is caused by excessive fuel in the engine

blue smoke comes out the tail pipe when your engine is burning oil caused by a worn engine.

The smudge in the exhaust pipe is just build up reside from the exhaust. It can be very?æ harmful to people.?æ

Probably a blown head gasket, or a craked head. White smoke is the outcome of antifreeze getting into the combustion chamber via head gasket or a crack in the cylinder head.

White smoke means head gasket, cracked head or equivelant.

I feel these are unrelated but you can investigate a leak in the hoses leading to the heater core as they maybe leaking onto the exhaust pipe, that would produce white smoke, but not from within the tailpipe exhaust. Water and oil leaks will produce white smoke the smell will help you determine which it is.

Black smoke means the engine consumes too much gas - possible problem with fuel injection.

Black smoke is ALWAYS too much gas going through the engine. They get bad gas mileage. See a mechanic.

i have 05 e55amg and just notice white smoke from the exhaust when i start the car and i will drop it off to the dealer to check what the hell is wrong and i will update as soon as i find out.

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