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Check the fuse

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Q: What causes the power windows on my 1993 acura integra not work?
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What is the difference between a Acura Integra ls and a ls special?

Trim level such as the interior, power windows seats ect.

How many horse power does a Acura Integra 1997 have?

97 acura integra had 140hp but the gs-r has 170hp and the type r has 190hp

How many horse power does a Acura Integra gsr have?


Where do you put power steering fluid in a 1987 Acura Integra?

At the power steering reservoir.

Your Acura Integra stalls out and has no power?

Check to see if there is gas in the tank.

Where do you add power steering fluid on a 1988 Acura Integra RS?

in the engine

Where is a fuse box diagram for a 1992 Acura Integra?

what slot do the left power set belt fuse go in the fuse box for 1992 acura integra Under the driver side dash

Where is the water pump located on a 94 Acura Integra?

The water pump on a 94 Acura Integra is located on the front of the engine. It uses the power of the engine to circulate hot water from the engine to the radiator to cool it.

What could cause the sunroof and power windows to not work on a 1992 acura integra?

There is a problem with power to that part of the vehicle. Check fuses as well as all wiring. Make sure that the ignition switch is operating properly and turning power on to these areas.

How much horse power does a Acura Integra have?

a acura integras stock d16 makes 300hp at 5500 rpm and 850lbs of torque at 13,300 rpms : ))

How do you fix power locks on a acura integra 4 door 95?

Try checking all fuses

Why would a 91 Acura Integra and have no power in the interior?

Check the fuse panel and look for any blown fuses.

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