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Temperature of liquid causes when another thing touches it. The molecules will come together and try too make the temperature in both even. So while the hot object losses heat, the cold one will gain.

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Q: What causes the temperature of liquids to change?
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How you can increases or decreases viscosity of liquids?

Change its temperature.

How does the temperature of a liquid change the particles that make up the liquid?

Decreasing the temperature of a liquid makes the particles that make up the liquid slow down and become more packed together. This causes liquids to change to solids (freezing point).

Which you expect to change a liquids density?

Study island answer: Temperature of the fluid

Heat which causes a change in temperature of substanceis called?

Heat which causes a change in temperature of substance is called specific heat.

Change of what causes a change of state?

Temperature or pressure

What causes a substance to change a phase?

change in temperature

How do phases of matter change from one form to another with heat energy?

In general matter expands its temperature and volume with heat.This heat energy causes an increase of energy internal to the matter that expands its volume: solids melt to liquids, liquids expand to gases; and gases transform to plasma. At phase temperatures the matter changes form with no change in temperature;

How can temperature change matter?

As a very basic answer, the energy from the heat causes the atoms to move. As they move faster and faster, they spread apart further and further, causing solids to become liquids and liquids to become gasses. In the same sense, as matter cools, the atoms slow down and condense back into liquids and solids.

What causes a change in state of matter?


What causes a change of state of matter?


What causes substances to change phases?

The pressure and temperature mostly the temperature.

What is the kind of matter that can change in shape but not volume?

Liquids. By assuming that temperature and pressure are constant so that volume does not change.