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heart attack comes to mind, possibly an auto immune attack as well, but then again it could be that your left arm is being crushed by a large weight and you are losing sensation in that arm as it is dying.

go to a doctor.

Tingling fingers and pain in the left arm are most probably due to a herniated disc in the cervical region. I have herniated disc between C5 through C7 and experience tremendous hand tingling as well as numbness in my left arm with pain. I also have heart disease and this discomfort is totally different. First of all I get relief by adjusting the position of my neck. Also with cervical disc problems one typically has at least a slight soreness in the back of the neck. Tingling and pain in the arm can also result from carpal tunnel syndrome. A quick MRI of the cervical region can diagnose cervical disc problems. Good luck

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What causes left shoulder and elbow pain and causes tingling in elbow and hands and finger tips?

How/When did you come across this pain?

What causes severe pain inleft shoulder blade and tingling in left arm?

Pain in the left shoulder blade and tingling in the left arm can be caused by a pinched nerve. The exact cause of the pain should be diagnosed by a qualified physician.

What causes right Shoulder pain and tingling arm and fingers?

Sounds like a pinched nerve. See a doctor.

What causes pain aching burning and tingling in the arms hands fingers legs feet and toes without having any upper or lower back pain?


What causes central chest pain and tingling down the left arm?

Either angina or a pending heart attack.

What causes sudden pain heaviness and tingling in arms?


What causes this left side nape pain?

What causes my left nape pain?

The pain and tingling starts below my right shoulder blade up over shoulder down arm to hand to fingers where it feels like someone is using a knife on my fingers what causes this?

This sounds as though you may have a problem with the nerves that pass between the vertebrae in your neck over time the space that these nerves pass through can narrow and put pressure on the nerve, leading to tingling numbness and pain.

Lumbar pain tingling and numbness in left arm left back leg left foot?

have hav havew

What causes left side abdominal pain and pain during urination?

what causes left side abdominal pain and pain when urination

What does it mean when there is pain in left side of chest pain left shoulder and left hand tingling?

Sounds like it could be heart related. If this is happening to you, get to a hospital.

What causes you to have pain below your left hip it feels like a dull pain?

what causes you to have pain below your left hip

What would cause muscle pain in different areas of body and tingling in fingers and foot and causes difficulty in bending leg mostly in evening?

Possibly Lyme disease. Do you also have severe fatigue? No, not at all.

What causes Dull pain to the left of the belly button?

What causes pain in upper left side of the belly

What other conditions have similar symptoms to carpal tunnel syndrome?

There are several. Neck conditions where the nerve is pinched by bulging disc or disc rupture can sometimes cause localized numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers. Radial neuritis is inflammation of the radial nerve which travels down the forearm and into the thumb and index finger causes symptoms of ache, pain, tingling sens. Ulnar neuritis which some people call the carpal tunnel of the elbow, can cause numbness and tingling of the 3rd and 4th fingers. Tendonitis in the hand can cause throbbing,achey pain in the hands and fingers as well.

What causes shooting pain and burning between the fingers?

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Which condition causes pain in the fingers and hand?

Possibly arthritis

What are the descriptions for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include: Wrist pain Wrist pain that wakes you in the night Waking up with numb fingers Tingling sensation in some fingers Loss of grip

What causes pain under left shoulder blade?

what causes pain and burning under my left shoulder blade?

Pain in left temple?

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What causes pain in the left hand?

I think any pain in โ€any handโ€ causes pain in both hands.

What are the most common causes of nerve pain?

The most common causes of nerve pain include sciatica (tingling and numbness in the leg), (damage to a nerve or nerve group), and herniated disc(s).

What causes pain in left rib cage area?

well if you hurt them causes pain, da

What would be the reason for tingling of face and nose and headache pain behind left eye?

I experience headache behind left eye but no accompanying tingling. Doctor has diagnosed eye headache as symptom of blocked Sinus.

What are some symptoms and causes to neuropathic pain?

Neuropathic pain often appears to have no obvious cause but some causes include alcoholism, back, leg and hip problems. Symptoms include shooting and burning pain and tingling and numbness.