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What causes tingling fingers and pain in the left arm?

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July 12, 2012 11:38PM

heart attack comes to mind, possibly an auto immune attack as well, but then again it could be that your left arm is being crushed by a large weight and you are losing sensation in that arm as it is dying.

go to a doctor.

Tingling fingers and pain in the left arm are most probably due to a herniated disc in the cervical region. I have herniated disc between C5 through C7 and experience tremendous hand tingling as well as numbness in my left arm with pain. I also have heart disease and this discomfort is totally different. First of all I get relief by adjusting the position of my neck. Also with cervical disc problems one typically has at least a slight soreness in the back of the neck. Tingling and pain in the arm can also result from carpal tunnel syndrome. A quick MRI of the cervical region can diagnose cervical disc problems. Good luck