What causes traffic congestion?

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Too many cars on the road.

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Q: What causes traffic congestion?
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What are causes of traffic congestion because we have been given an essay on it at school?


What causes traffic jams in Egypt?

Traffic congestion and traffic jams in Egypt are caused by a lack of parking areas, cheap fuel, and limited public transportation options.

How do you traffic congestion and parking diffulties?

Are you asking how do I handle traffic congestion and parking difficulties? With patients, that's how.

What is the other name for a bottleneck on a road?

Congestion, gridlock, jam, traffic jam, traffic tie-up, logjam, traffic congestion, blockage.

How could you put congestion in a sentence?

There was congestion in the traffic when I was getting to work.

What has the author Roberta Remak written?

Roberta Remak has written: 'Peak-period traffic congestion' -- subject(s): Traffic congestion, Traffic engineering, Traffic flow

What has the author David L Schrank written?

David L. Schrank has written: 'Estimates of urban roadway congestion, 1990' -- subject(s): Statistics, Traffic flow, City traffic, Traffic congestion 'Trends in urban roadway congestion--1982 to 1991' -- subject(s): Traffic flow, Planning, Transportation, Traffic engineering, Traffic congestion

Why does London have a congestion charge?

Mainly to reduce traffic congestion but also to raise money.

How do you reduce traffic congestion?

Increase the bandwidth.

What is the importance of Traffic signal light to reduce traffic congestion?

The light reduces the chance of an accident, causing the traffic congestion to go down the most during rush hour.

How does street vending contribute traffic congestion?


Ways to reduce traffic congestion?

bypass the town

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