What celebrities have guest starred in Liv and Maddie?

The celebrities who have appeared in "Liv and Maddie" were Ryan McCartan who plays Diggie on the show, a comedian named Larry Miller who plays Principal Fickman, Tara Karsian who plays Mrs. Kneebauer who was the Superintendent of the school that Liv and Maddie go to, Miriam Flynn who plays Mrs. Snodgrass one of the school's teachers as well as the replacement basketball coach, Dwight Howard an actual NBA star had played a character named Bernard on the show, Laura Marano from "Austin & Ally" had played Emmy Wullfert who is basically a teenager that is known as a wolf girl due to how she acts like a wolf all of the time, Kel Mitchell had appeared on the show as Q-Pop, Raquel, Raquel Castro who plays South Salamanca, Marla Maples plays Amy Becker and Garry Marshall who plays a Director that is named Vic DeFazerelli.

Laura Morano