What cells are in the excretory system?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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1 pore cell, 1 duct cell, 1 canal cell, and a fused pair of gland cells

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Q: What cells are in the excretory system?
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What kind of cells are in the excretory system?

Endocrine Cells

How is the respiratory and excretory system different?

Excretory system gets rid of waste. Respiratory system supplies blood cells with oxygen.

What body system removes chemical waste from cells?

The excretory system.

How does the circulatory system works with the digestive and excretory system?

The digestive system produces nutrients that are required for the cells all over the body to survive. The nutrients are brought to the cells by the circulatory system, and the wastes produced by the excretory system are taken away from the cells.

What are found in the excretory system?

The cells found in the excretory system are: one pore cell, one duct cell, one canal cell and a pair of gland cells.

Is removing waste from the cells a function performed by the system?

No, the excretory system removes wastes!

How do invertebrates remove wastes that are produced by cells in their bodies?

By Excretory System

What system in the human body moves the nutrients into cells and waste out of cells?

Circulatory and excretory depends on the cells XD

Carries all body cells and what does it remove?

The circulatory system (blood).

What system collects blood and remove wastes that are produced by cells?

the liver

What is the excretory system of a planarian?

Planaria ,which lives in fresh water ,has two strands of branching excretory tubes that open to the outside of the body through excretory pores .The simple tubular excretory is called protonephridium,Which is a network of closed tubules without internal openings.Tubular system is spread through out the body.Located along the tubulesare bulb like Flame cells

What job do the kidneys do for the excretory system?

the job of the kidneys for the excretory system is to remove toxic waste from the bodyIt filters blood that contains waste collected from other cells in the body