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the heat chamber.

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Q: What chamber of the heat is more relaxed?
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What are the 2 parts of a perch heart?

The auricle and ventricle. The auricle is the more dorsal chamber of the heart, while the ventrile is the more ventral chamber.

Would material absorb more heat?

If there was more heat to absorb than was already in the material.

Does it take more heat to heat water or to boil water?

It takes more heat to boil water than to simply heat water. Unless the water is already at its boiling point.

Are more deaths caused by heat waves or cold waves?


Why does mass count in heat transfer?

Mass counts because when you have a block of some material at some heat. Then that is the average heat of every molecule in that block. The more mass there is the more energy is available to be transfered as heat.

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Where does the heat of the hot springs in Yellowstone national park come from?

It comes from a heat source (lava chamber) that is below the surface of the earth In the chamber: hot rock or magma

When you are relaxed you are more likely to .?

eat more quickly

When you are relaxed you are more likely to?

eat more quickly

How do you find out when a cat is in heat?

if you explained this question fully and more understanding i could give you a better explaination, well they can become more relaxed and seem to get addicted to it but a cat is warm anyway and they have a high body tempreture

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Make a sentence with the word furnace?

Furnace is an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced

What does the land serving as a heat and compression chamber give us?

Building foundations

Do muscles hhave more power when relaxed?

Yes they have

How are heat engines classified?

heat engines are classified on the location of the combustion chamber , if it is outside the whole set up then it is external heat engine and vice versa.

How will the behavior of the gases in the piston chamber change if heat is applied to the system?

gases will now collide more frequently gain more kinetic energy and their vibration increases. they vibrate faster at fixed position

What are antonyms for relaxed?

* Relaxed * At ease* Relaxed * At ease* Relaxed * At ease* Relaxed * At ease* Relaxed * At ease* Relaxed * At ease

What is the purpose of a stomach chamber?

The Purpose of the Stomach Chamber is to make the food more and more blended. Like a smoothie(: