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Q: What change in Earths atmosphere allowed organisms to live on land?
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What caused a major change in the composition of Earths atmosphere?

The appearance of photosynthetic organisms

How do tsunamis change the earths atmosphere?

cuz they can

What is true about earths atmosphere?

it will always change

How did earths atmosphere change?

Earths atmosphere has changed in a few ways. It contains more pollutants and carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.

If more heat is trapped in the atmosphere how will the earths temperaturr change ?

it will rise

What helped change the earth's atmosphere after it was formed?

The earths atmophere came from your mom!

What sudden event could change the earths atmosphere?

The eruption of a very large volcano

What was the biggest change in the earths atmosphere between the precambrian and the paleozoic eras?

The origin of free oxygen

As life began to populate earths surface what change was seen in the atmosphere?

more oxygen was consumed

How has the earths atmosphere changed?

The earths atmosphere has significantly altered over the years. The process of the earth's atmosphere was recognized and evolved 2.7 billion years ago, forming the nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere that exists today. This change enabled the formation and beginning of the ozone layer (which along with magnetic fields) block solar radiation.

How did earths atsmophere change during the precambrian time?

It changed from a reducing atmosphere containing no free oxygen to an atmosphere containing oxygen. The evolution of life on Earth "terraformed" the planet.

How did the earths atmosphere change composition to become todays nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere?

your question is... How did the Earth`s atmosphere change composotion to became today`s nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere? Answer: it happend with the help of solar untraviolet (uv) radiation,the very thing what we worry about now for its cancer-causing ability