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it is speed of motion and direction of motion

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Is velocity a force?

Nope. A force is an influence tending to change the motion of an object or produce motion in a stationary object. In other words, force changes velocity.

Is a force needed to start an object in motion?

-- If a motionless object begins to move, then its speed changes (from zero to something). -- If its speed changes, then there is acceleration. -- Force is necessary to produce acceleration.

What is unbalanced force?

Unbalanced forces are forces that produce a nonzero net force, which changes an object's motion. The result of an unbalanced force is acceleration of an object.

How do you produce the motion of an object?

You apply a force to the object.You apply a force to the object.You apply a force to the object.You apply a force to the object.

How do you produse a change in motion?

Motion requires a force acting upon an object. When the object changes so does motion.

If you see an object change its motion what has happen to it?

when an object changes its motion it is because a new force that is greater than the original force has been applied to the object and that object changes its motion unless the force is in the same direction as the original force, which would then imply that the object stays in the same direction of motion, but moves at a greater speed in that direction.

How does force affect an objects motion?

When a force is acted on an object the motion changes. Newtons 2nd law of motion states: An object in motion will stay in motion, and an object out of motion will stay out of motion, unless met with an unbalanced force. If a force is aplied to an object in motion it either accelerates, or it will stop once met with sed unbalanced force.

What are the affects of force?

1. force changes direction of motion. 2. it brings an object to rest. 3. it changes magnitude of velocity. 4. it sets an object to motion.

A force that acts on an object does what only when the object moves?

A force will produce acceleration when the object moves. force in the line of motion will increase the acceleration and the force opposite to the line of motion will decrease the acceleration.

Is a force to keep an object in motion?

No, a force changes an object's motion. F=ma= mdv/dt

When will an object change its state of motion?

An object changes its state of motion when it accelerates or decelerates, usually caused by a force.

What effect does an unbalanced force have on a moving object?

it either changes the direction of the object or it stops the object in motion.

What happens to the motion of an object when force is applied?

When force is applied to an object, the velocity changes. The object can either accelerate or decelerate and can change direction.

What happens when a net force acts on a object?

The object changes its speed, its direction of motion, or both.

How does the outside force effect the motion of an object?

F=ma.Or force causes acceleration,which is another way of saying that the motion changes.

What is something that changes motion in an object?

A force is required to change an object's velocity.

What exactly changes an objects state of motion?

A net force, acting on the object.

What kind of force balanced or unbalanced can change the motion of an object?

There's no such thing as a balanced force or an unbalanced force.If the entire group of all the forces on an object is unbalanced, then the objectundergoes acceleration, or its "motion changes". If the group of forces on it isbalanced, then its motion doesn't change.

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