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it works harder to draw in as much oxygen as the heart pumps more blood to circulate faster.

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Q: What changes happen to respiratory system during exercise?
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What changes happen to muscular system during exercise?

your penis gets bigger

What physiological changes happen in the body to maintain homeostasis during exercise?

increased heart rate, breathing faster

What happen to the respiratory system during an asthma attack?

it stops breathing

What is distillation what is the changes of state that occur during distillation?

The changes of state that happen during distillation are: Liquid to a gas and gas to a liquid

What happen to a gymnast's angular momentum when the changes of body configuration during a somersault's.What happen to his rotational speed?

it changes

What happen during a revolution?

life changes some

What changes happen to the mother during pregnancy?

they get emotional. and moood swings.

What happen to the lung volumes and capacities during heavy exercise?

Pulmonary ventilation is 6 liters/minute in resting individual. You have a respiratory rate of 12/minute and tidal volume of 500 ml/minute. During heavy exercise tidal volume increases from 10 % of vital capacity to about 50 % of vital capacity. And respiratory rate increases from 12 to about 40 to 45/ minute. Thus increasing the pulmonary ventilation to about 100 liter/minute.

How will you react on the changes the happen to you during puberty?

You have to be confident about your self. You have to remember that these changes are for the good and keep a positive attitude.

What changes happen during summer?

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How will you compare the changes that happen in the female's body during puberty?

how do you feel about this change

What would happen if your body didn't sweat during exercise?

you wouldn't be losing any fat.

What would happen to the blood pressure in the pulmonary artery if more blood is drived to the lungs during exercise?

The pressure in the pulmonary artery increases during exercise if the cardiac output increases.

What causes the changes during puberty?

The pituitary gland releases hormones (estrogen for girls and testosterone for boys). These hormones cause the changes that happen during puberty

What are the effects of exercise on the respiratory system?

Short Term The muscle cells in the body will use up more oxygen and produce more Carbon dioxide. The lungs will have to work harder to provide Oxygen and also remove Carbon dioxide. There will be an increase in breathing rate at the body will be trying hard to get as much oxygen as possible and to minimize the amount of oxygen debt. This will also happen after exercise as well as the body will have to repay the body's oxygen debt. Respiratory RateDuring Rest: 14 per minute During Exercise: 32 per minute Volume per breathe During Rest: 0.4 litres During Exercise: 2.4 litres Minute Volume During Rest: 5.6 litres During Exercise: 76.8 litres Long Term The muscles of the respiratory system such as the diaphragm and the intercostals muscles get stronger. This is so that they can make the chest cavity larger. Having a larger chest cavity means that you can also have a increased Vital capacity. This is because more air is able to be inspired. More capillaries are formed around the alveoli so that more gaseous exchange can take place and so that it is easier for it to happen. Gas exchange will also be able to happen more quickly meaning that exercise can be maintained at a higher intensity for longer.After about a minute of hard (meaning makes you sweat) exercise your body has used all the stored oxygen so the respiratory rate increases. This is working the respiratory system so really the Diaphragm is having to contract and expand faster in order to force more air in and out of the lungs at a faster makes your lungs have a larger capacity.

What behaveioral changes may happen to aboys ora girkls during puberty?

Behavioral changes that may happen to boys and girls during puberty, is that they may have bigger attitudes. They may struggle with self esteem, and may become rebellious.

What are the physical changes happen in male and female during puberty?

Sexual organs become mature.

Chemical changes in the structure shown are most likely to happen during?

Exposure to mutagenic agents

Are you grateful that physical changes happen during cloud formation why?

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What changes that happen during puberty are important?

The most important change is the reproductive system becoming fertile. Also there are many emotional changes .

What will happen to the respiratory system if the windpipe is missing?

The respiratory system cannot function without the windpipe.

What three things happen to air as it enters the respiratory system through the nose?

As air enters the respiratory system through the nose, it is warmed, filtered, and moistened. These changes increase the efficiency of gas exchange in the lungs, and protect the lungs from particulates.

What climate changes occur in the in the Pasific during El Nino?

el nino is mostly that the changes that happen are the air pressure changes cause the winds to blow from east to west.

What are some nonphysical changes that happen to a body during puberty?

During puberty, there are many behavioural changes. Some people become loners while some people thrive in groups. The way of thinking also changes a lot.

Why do emotional changes happen?

Emotional changes/mood swings happen because of hormonal level changes.