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The acceleration changes if speed or direction changes

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Q: What changes if someones speed or direction changes?
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Why at a constant speed if an object changes its direction it is considered to be acceleration?

Acceleration is a direction plus a speed. If either changes then the acceleration changes.

How can velocity change without changing the speed?

Consider velocity as consisting of a speed, and a direction. If any of the two changes - that is, if either the speed or the direction changes - then the velocity changes.

How does the change in angle changes the velocity?

Velocity is speed in a direction or speed at an angle. The velocity changes when the speed or angle changes.

Velocity is the change of speed and direction of an object?

No. Velocity is the present speed and direction of motion.If speed or direction changes, then that's 'acceleration'.

What is the deffinition of acceleration?

The rate at which speed changes, and the direction in which it changes.

Does the speed of an object change when the speed changes?

Yes. The velocity changes when the direction of motion changes, because the definition of 'velocity' is 'speed and the direction'. If either speed or direction changes, then we say the velocity has changed. Notice that if the direction changes, then the velocity changes even if the speed doesn't. "Velocity" is not just a bigger word that you use for 'speed' when you want to sound smart. They mean different things.

Compare and contrast speed and acceleration?

-- "Speed" is the rate at which distance changes. -- "Velocity" is speed along with the direction of motion. -- "Acceleration" is the rate at which velocity changes, including the direction of the change.

What changes when speed changes direction of motion changes or both factors change?


What are two types of accleration?

Changes in speed or direction

What changes a objects speed and motion and direction?

A force.

What is the rate at which speed or direction changes?


Is an object going in circles at a constant speed an accelerated motion?

Yes. Acceleration is the change in velocity, and velocity is a vector, which means it has direction. Because an object undergoing uniform circular motion is changing direction, it is changing velocity, and thus, accelerating.