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Q: What channel does Jerry Springer come on for direct TV?
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What channel does The Voice come on Direct TV?

channel 5

What channel and time does Bleach come on on Direct TV?

It comes on on channel 296

In what channel does sundance come out on?

549 on direct tv

Did hydeia broadbent come out in the movie Selena?

No, Hydeia Broadbent did not come out in Selena movie. She was a guess on the Jerry Springer Show when she was a little girl, a show about HIV an who it effects.

What channel does tna come on if you have direct t.v .?

Spike TV channel 241 on Thursday nights.

Where did the show Jerry Springer come from?

The Jerry Springer Show was first broadcast from Jerry's hometown of Cincinnati when it debuted in 1991. At that time, it was not a controversial show at all-- Springer had originally envisioned it as an issues-oriented talk and interview program. Production of the Jerry Springer Show then moved to Chicago in 1992, and it remained there until 2009. The tone of the show gradually changed because ratings were low; it was decided that doing a controversial and confrontational talk show would provide a ratings boost (which it did). In 2009, the show's production was relocated to the Stamford Media Center in Stamford CT, at the behest of its distributor, NBCUniversal.

If you have direct TV what channel does Americas next top model come on?

channel 14. the cw.

What channel does the Arizona state game come on tonight?

Fox sports Arizona channel 686 if you have Direct TV.

What channel does family feud with Steve Harvey come on with direct tv?


What channel does family feud come on in philadelphia?

Channel 69 on Direct TV WFMZ from 3:30 to 4:00 pm

What channel does Gossip Girl come on direct TV?

The CW produces Gossip Girl and on Direct TV it is channel 385.

What channel do tna ppv's come on in New Haven?

It depends on what you have (Dish Network, Direct TV, etc.) Direct TV is 122 and 121