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DISH does have that channel. It will be on Ch. 185!

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Q: What channel is hallmark on dish?
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When was Hallmark Movie Channel created?

Hallmark Movie Channel was created in 2004.

Does Rogers Cable have the Hallmark channel?

does rogers have the hallmark movie channel? in ontario

What channel is the hallmark channel on?

What channel is Hallmark on DIRECTV?

Hallmark Channel is channel 312 on DIRECTV. There is a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel on 565. Both channels are HD quality. Hallmark Channel is included in every DIRECTV package, while Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is only included in the Select, Entertainment, and Premier packages.

What channel does the Walton's come on?

The Hallmark Channel

What channel is hallmark channel?

I get hallmark on 43 comcast Memphis c.t, and also 246 hallmark movie channel. i hope this helps

What channel is you love Lucy and Lucille ball on for dish?

The channel is 185 it is called hallmark and it is on at 2:30A.M to around to 4:30A.M but if you have a thing called RECORD you dont have to get up so early

What channel is the hallmark channel on bell tv?

The Hallmark Channel is not available on either of Bell Televisionâ??s services, satellite and Fiber. You can request that Hallmark considering moving to your service area by completing a request form through Hallmark.

What channel is Little House on the Prairie?

actually its on the hallmark channel.

What channel is hallmark movie channel on Direct TV?


What channel is Walton Reruns on?

actually yes they are inspiration channel and hallmark channel :D

What channel is E! On dish?

Channel 114 on Dish Network.