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ION east HD in USA is 305.

ION west in USA is 306.

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Q: What channel is ion teleivision on in direc tv?
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What channel is startz on direc tv?

Starz is can be found on channel 531 on DirecTV.

What channel is ion tv on Time Warner in robstown Texas?

There is no ion in texas

Where is The Guard on ION television?

It is now being broadcast on its digital channel ION Life.

What channel is ION TV on Time Warner Cable?


Is ion tv on Time Warner cable in Milwaukee?

Channel 15

What channel is ion television on dish?

ION is on channels 216 and 217. It is available with our 120 programming packages and above.

What channel is Criminal Mind on with Verizon?

ION television, ch 515, but not sure if new epidodes on same channel

What channel is ion tv on Time Warner cable in charlotte nc?

At the present time, ION does not broadcast a channel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Wish they did, but right now they don't.

What channel is ion television on suddenlink?

Basically, it is not on Suddenlink in most parts of the country.

What tv channel is ion on?

It depends on your cable provider. Different cable providers place channels at various locations. In Boston, for example, our provider is Comcast, which placed Ion at channel 803. I enclose a link to Ion's website, since it lists a "channel finder" that should be helpful to you.

Will Yu-Gi-Oh come back on teleivision?

I t already is it comes on at 9am on saurday on 4 kids tv

What number channel is Veggietales?

Veggietales in on a television station by ion television called "qubo." It is also shown Saturday mornings on NBC, Sunday mornings on Telemundo, and Friday afternoons on ion.

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