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BBC America

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"Primeval" aired on the Syfy channel in the US. It premiered for American audiences in 2009.

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Q: What channel is primeval on in the US?
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What channel on directv is primeval on?

What channel on directv is primeeval on

What channel is Primeval Series 3 on?


Were can you watch primeval episodes?

itv or channel watch :)

Where can you watch Primeval Season 4?

Try online at HULU or SciFi channel.

Is there going to be primeval series 5?

Yes there is going to be a series 5 of primeval that looks like its being aired around April and will be shown on a different channel called watch which was part of the allowing primeval to return. There will 6 episodes in series 5.

What channel is primeval season 4 going to be on?

Primeval series 4 will premier on ITV1 early 2011 and later on UKTV's Watch. Series 5 will premier on UKTV's Watch sometime in the middle of next year.

What channel does primeval start on?

New episodes areon ITV1 on Saturday nights, then they show it again on ITV2 on Sunday and Monday.

Is beaker out of primeval going out with Jesse out of primeval?

no he is not going out with her.

What is the duration of Primeval?

The duration of Primeval is 2700.0 seconds.

What type of program is Primeval?

Primeval is a science fiction series.

When was Primeval Whirl created?

Primeval Whirl was created in 2002.

When was City Primeval created?

City Primeval was created in 1980.