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There are about 12, but 16 to the most. Once your done you get a certificite mailed to your house.(If you didnt already know)

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You should read all the chapters in the driver's handbook to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations of the road. This will help you prepare for your written exam and become a safe and responsible driver.

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Q: What chapters should I read in the drivers handbook?
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There is not a place to find the answer to the Texas driver's handbook. You need to read to book and study it.

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Drivers Education 101:Very educational and a must read for people considering driving privileges in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It should also be a must read for senior citizens to insure that nothing has escaped their attention in the past 50 years. A half million miles behind the wheel gives experience but is no substitute for knowing and practicing the rules of the road. And yes, the answers are all in the book.

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