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they have many characteristics such as feathers, vertebrates , they lay eggs,and their bones are lightweight and usually hollow

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Q: What characteristics would you use to classify birds?
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What are the characteristics Scientists use to classify rocks?

they classify the rocks by their texture and compisition

What characteristics do scientists use to classify animals?

Some characteristics that scientists use to classify animals are how many cells they have, their species, genus and family and what they eat.

How can you classify various sustances?

we classify the objects on the basis of certain characteristics favorable for us. we use different characteristics to classify the different types of the objects into groups.

What are the characteristics that biologists use to classify mollusks?

Their foot

What characteristics do scientists use to classify viruses?

their genome

Which characteristics do scienctists use to classify cnidarians?

from other animals they get it

How is living things characteristics are use to classify them?

it tells them apart :)

What characteristics do biologist use to classify arthropods?

The primary characteristics used by biologists to classify Arthropods are their segmented bodies, an exoskeleton made from chitin, and joint appendages.

What scientists use to classify organism?

The scientists use the dichotomous key or the identification key to classify newly found organisms.shared characteristics.

What characteristics are used to classify organisms?

they use genus and dichotomous keys

What characteristics do you think scientist use to classify rock?

yes you are rite

What characteristics do scientists use to classify protists?

Scientists classify protists by whether they are more animal-like or plant-like.

Do biologist use age to classify organisms?

No. They use the structural characteristics of the organism physically and genetically.

What characteristics do you think scientist use to classify rocks?

wether it is silicate or not and they use texture and composition

What 3 characteristics do geologists use to classify rocks?

They use the mineral composition, color, and texture.

What characteristics cause geologist to classify silver as a mineral?

These are the characteristics that geologists use texture, shape, density, and volume.

What are 3 things taxonomists use to classify organisms?

characteristics behaviour adaptations

What traits characteristics do scientist use to classify stars?

Because of the greenhouse effect.

What characteristics could marine biologists use to classify manatees?

coloring and size

What are some of the characteristics scientist use to classify organisms?

color shape texture size.

Name the three characteristics scientist use to classify rocks?

clastic chemical and organic.

What are three characteristics scientists use to classify minerals?

shine luster saltiness IGNEOUS

How does scientists classify plants and animals using certain characteristics?

They use it by putting them into groups

How do scientists use the dichotomous key for classifying organisms?

Scientists classify organisms by the dichotomous key. They classify by looking at if it moves or not, then they look at characteristics, then they can see what they are.

What characteristics did you use to classify things?

You can use any sort of characteristic that you want. Classification is dividing things into categories based on their characteristics, so it can literally be anything at all.