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the substances are evenly distributed throughout. (APEX) :)

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Q: What characterizes a homogeous mixture?
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Is brewed tea a homogeous mixture or a heterogeneous?

It is homogeneous.

What characterizes a heterogenous mixture?

The mixture is made up of a single consistancy

What characterizes a homogeneous mixture?

A homogenous mixture is characterized by identical composition.

Why are steel and brass considered a solid solution?

brass is considered a solution because you cant see the different parts that make it up. it is very well mixed. brass would then also be a homogeous mixture

Is the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up water an example of homogeous mixture?

No. Since the hydrogen and oxygen in water are chemically bonded to one another in a fixed ration water is considered a pure substance.

What characterizes a heterogeneous mixture?

The mixture is made up of different consistencies.

What does equilibrium and equilibrium mixture mean?

A quantity that characterizes the position of equilibrium for a reversible reaction; its magnitude is equal to the mass action expression at equilibrium. K varies with temperature.

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Which of the following characterizes the particles in this diagram?

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What characterizes a homogenous mixture?

The substances are evenly distributed throughout (apex)

Is substance a compound a homogeous or heterogeneous mixture or element?

A substance can be either of them all.The substance ........ water is a compound.... gin is a homogenous mixture (of mainly two compounds: alcohol and water).... milk is a heterogenous mixture of three: water, protein, fat.... gold is a solid element, .... mercury is a liquid element and.... oxygen is a gaseous element.

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