What characterizes a homogeous mixture?


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the substances are evenly distributed throughout. (APEX) :)

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The mixture is made up of different consistencies.

The mixture is made up of different consistencies.

A homogenous mixture is characterized by identical composition.

A substance can be either of them all.The substance ........ water is a compound.... gin is a homogenous mixture (of mainly two compounds: alcohol and water).... milk is a heterogenous mixture of three: water, protein, fat.... gold is a solid element, .... mercury is a liquid element and.... oxygen is a gaseous element.

brass is considered a solution because you cant see the different parts that make it up. it is very well mixed. brass would then also be a homogeous mixture

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The mixture is the same throughout. Cake batter (once mixed) is homogenous. Sprinkle nuts ONLY on the top, no longer homogenous.

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