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The second chef is more commonly known as the Sous Chef, french for second chef. Basically, the Sous Chef is second in charge of the kitchen brigade of chefs and apprentices. The Head or Executive Chef is the person in charge. A kitchen can have more than one Sous Chef; in larger restaurants, there could be 5 or more Sous Chefs, in which case there could be an Executive Sous Chef. This position would be responsible for managing the Sous Chefs. The Executive Sous Chef is also answerable to the Executive or Head Chef of the Restaurant.

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Q: What chef has the second most michelin stars?
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How many michelin stars Joel robuchon got?

Joël Robuchon has 21 michelin stars, the most of any chef in the world.

Who holds the most michelin stars in the world?

As of 2021, chef Joel Robuchon holds the record for the most Michelin stars in the world with 31 stars awarded to his various restaurants. He was known for his culinary expertise and innovative approach to French cuisine.

Is there any chef who has 4 michelin stars?

It depends on how you think the stars are allocated. Michelin always say that the stars are allocated to the restaurant, for the food it serves, and not specifically to the chef. The maximum number of stars that any restaurant can receive is three. However, if a chef runs several restaurants (for example Joel Robuchon) then each of his restaurants can have a maximum of three stars, so it could be said that a chef has ten or fifteen stars, when all his restaurant stars are added together.

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What is Marcus Wareing known for?

Marcus Wareing is most well known for being an internationally acclaimed chef who has been achieving michelin stars since 1997. In 2006 he was one of the four chefs who won the 'Great British Menu' programme.

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Which country has most michelin star restaurants per capita?

luxemboug has the most michelin star resturants per capita

What kind of certification do you need to become a chef?

depending what country you live in, and what kind of chef you want to be, you usually need a degree in food sciences, and you would need a culinary masters degree.

What country has the most Michelin star chefs?


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